Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Components of A SCADA System for Great Central System

Every system has their components. The components itself are as the main organ of the system itself. Without the components, the system won't be good work. So do for the availability of the components of a SCADA system.

Main components of a SCADA system
As the function of SCADA as the controller, there re some components of a SCADA system that we should know. They are:
1. Input hardware
2. Output hardware
3. Controllers
4. Networks
5. User interface
6. Communication equipment
7. Software

Components of a SCADA system

All of the components of a SCADA system are being the part of the central system of an automation technology. The central system itself is the main system that will make the SCADA has their own based function for monitoring the data and also for controlling the data.

Actually, the central system of the SCADA is the one of three kind of industrial SCADA. They are as central hosting, RTU, and as the collector. And a central hosting there are the role of master terminal unit that will help the main work of SCADA.

The major kind in components of a SCADA system
  1. An equipment collector
  2. It is an operator provider that will give the best determination for distributing the information included. It is done unphysical present so the data will be automatically encrypted.
  3. An operator control
  4. This component of a SCADA system provides the best technique for giving the best result of SCADA system.
  5. Data collector
  6. It is important for communication function. So, the main function of the SCADA will be applied well.

The components of a SCADA system based on the 4 SCADA's function
Actually there are many kinds of SCAD's components. The components divide in to some classification. There're main component, major components, and in this case, there are the SCAD's components based on the 4 Function of SCADA.

Before we know about the component of SCADA, we should know about the 4 SCADA function mentioned. They are as the data acquisition, networked data of communication, data presentation, and also as control.

Below are the components of SCADA based on those four function mentioned:
1. Sensors and control relays that the function of to manage the system
2. RTUs that will respond the input of data automatically
3. SCADA master units that will serve the best function of processor
4. Communications network that will connects the RTU with the SCADA unit.

All the components of a SCADA system above will give the best function for the SCADA system used in our gadget.


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