Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Automation System Disadvantages Haunts Industrial Companies

More than 20 years the application of automation in manufacturing process in some industrial companies has been acknowledged to be the best way-out to deal with the manufacturing process problems. Productivity, profitability are some of the underlying reasons why some industrial companies come to decision to implement the automation in manufacturing process.

Apart from the advantages, there always some disadvantages that haunt some companies before implementing the automation system to decrease the operating costs. Therefore, some of industrial companies still use the human labors to do manufacturing process due to the disadvantages. Below are some disadvantages of automation in manufacturing process as other industrial companies afraid of.

automation in manufacturing process

1. Less versatility
The use of automation in manufacturing process gives the positive impact on increasing the productivity of manufacturing process and it has been known by some industrial companies. Apart from the increasing productivity, less versatility also has become the consideration why some industrial companies prefer to use manpower resources rather than automation system. It is because the manpower resources can do multiple task, while the automation system mainly performs single task.

2. Risk of high pollution problem
It is not debatable that the use of automation in manufacturing process also involves any other machines such as motors and so on. When certain industry implements this manufacturing system, the risk of having workplace pollution is possible to happen. It is because some of the manufacturing machines produce hazardous gases that promote to the air pollution, for instance.

3. Increasing the unemployment
One big problem of the use automation in manufacturing process also affects to the increasing of the unemployment in certain city. When the certain industrial company performs all the manufacturing process by automating all systems, it absolutely reduces the use of labors that is commonly performed the task and it leads to the risk of high unemployment rates in the next future.

4. The rise of unpredictable costs
When the industrial company automates all the manufacturing process, there always some unpredictable costs that will be spent for some reasons. The unpredictable costs in the use of automation in manufacturing process includes employees' training, maintenance costs, research and development in order to increase the automation system work. Due to the unpredictable costs, some of industrial company thinks of it before implementing such system.

The use of automation in manufacturing process does not apparently give the advantages as it promotes by some automation companies, but it also has some disadvantages that some of industrial companies are taken into account. The advantages of the use of automation in manufacturing process are mentioned above and it now becomes the main reasons why some industrial companies still use manpower resources.


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