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Use Always IrriRich's DSF series valves, The Anti Biting irrigation valves for Getting Maximum Security Agriculture System

Irrigation valves is part of important security equipment of Agriculture System. As you know, Rats and their family of rodents are the most tremendous and horrible enemies for Agriculture System. The are growing rapidly 10X faster than humans make this attack threatening is really to be solved. In fact, the are at least forty percent of mammal species found on earth are rodents, you have to prepare how secure your Agriculture System to protect form their attacking. In order to prevent potential lost of this enemies attacking, use always IrriRich's DSF series valves, The Anti Biting irrigation valves for Getting Maximum Security Agriculture System.

How can the IrriRich's DSF series valves, The Anti Biting irrigation valves works to protect your Agriculture System? More about this irrigation valves, you can check on below explanation:

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How Rodent is dangerous for Irrigation valves of Agriculture System?

Rodent is threatening for Irrigation valves of Agriculture System, because plastic pipes has the color and odor and attract rodents and fascinated to plastic pipes and tubing which are laid either on surface or underground. This make causes several disturbing system as below:
  • Closed Short Circuit Wires and Cables Dangerous
  • Rodents gnawing through wires and cause short circuits. This can cause fire hazards, damage to optical fiber cables and also in the long term can disrupt transmission of sensitive communication.

  • Interfere Drip irrigation & Pipelines
  • This micro- irrigation to save water and fertilizer through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters that will get vulnerable to rodent attacks.

Why Conventional Rodent Control is not Effective Way to save Your Agriculture System?

Conventional Rodent Control is not focuses on Irrigation valves usage. This method uses organochlorine pesticides, heavy metal compounds, and additives in polymer industry that have dangerous as below:
  • Human Health Hazard because containing rodenticide additives and release extremely fumes.
  • Environmental issue such as leach out from the polymer to enter the atmosphere and are later deposited by rain.
  • Againts regulatory norms in several countries such as Finland, Indonesia, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Saint Lucia, Sweden, Australia, Austria, Cyprus, Norway and Sri Lanka

How IrriRich's DSF series irrigation valves allows you for Getting Maximum Security Agriculture System?

IrriRich's DSF series irrigation valves is innovative anti-biting plastic irrigation valves to prevent your valve from biting rodents for many application such as : Irrigation Systems (Field Systems), Underground Irrigation Systems, Sewage Systems, Water Supply Systems, Landscaping, Filter Stations and also Green Houses application.

IrriRich's DSF series is a safer, better and eco-friendlier manner irrigation valves with a wide range of control options, and end connections. This irrigation valves has specification as below:
Technical Data:
  • Sizes: 1.5″, 2″, 3″ and 4″
  • Connections: BSP/ NPT ; Solvent Welding
  • Min. Pressure: 0.69 bar ; 10 psi
  • Max. Pressure: 10 bar ; 145 psi

This specification as above will guarantee IrriRich's DSF series irrigation valves as an innovative way to protect the PE hoses from the rodent biting even used in the dripline due to the growth of the pressure caused by the height difference.


IrriRich's DSF series irrigation valves resulting the irrigation system works properly without disruption rodent attacks. This irrigation valves safe your budget from extra labor cost to repair these damaged hoses for getting the system back working. This irrigation valve can be also applied on specific drip and sprinkler irrigation system for field for example in the hill ground and mountain those need to use the pressure regulator.


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