Sunday, September 18, 2016

Powerful Application of SCADA System

SCADA system is the important system for supporting thee industrial technology nowadays. So the application of SCADA system is very various. The various kind of application of SCADA system itself defined because SCADA system is multifunction tools. It can be used in the water system, gas system, chemical system, communication system, and also in the power system.

Application of SCADA System

The application of SCADA system
There re 10 application of SCADA system that we should be known. They are:

1. Manufacturing application.
This application done for managing the inventories part of a tools. For example for the robot and monitor hardware system. This application make the best quality for the gadget we use.

2. Wind power generation application.
It is the one of the application of SCADA system that can be used for filling the energy needed. And in this case, the power of wind can be flipped for the users needed.

3. Traffic signal application.
It is clear that the signal has main role for the automation technology product. It will build the best network system so the users can use their gadget. The function of SCADA system is to manage the traffic light of the signal networking system. Besides, it will also control the signal flow and detecting the wasting signal.

4. Mass transit and Railway Traction.
The role of this application in the SCDA system is to make the electricity inside more regulated. It is appropriate to be used for trains, buses, rail system, and also appropriate for electricity gate.

5. Communication network application
The application of SCADA system for communication is being the base function. It is appropriate for supporting the machine system of handphone, computer, robotic, and other communication tools.

6. Industrial Plans and Process control application.
This application is being the sensor of the digital and analog system. So the function is being the real application of the SCADA system as the controlling system.

7. Oil and Gas Trans and distribution application
This application is the best equipment for the way to make the best distribution of the networking system.

8. The application of Electric power generation, transmission and distribution
This is also being the great application of SCADA system. The SCADA system is appropriate for the flow of electricity as the main ingredients of technology.

9. Water, waste water utilities and sewage system.
This application is being the one of the best application function of SCADA system. Because it is appropriate for using the water networking system. So the laboran a check and work with their computer.

10. Building, facilities, and environments application
This application is used for manage the HVAC controlling unit that consisted of monitor, lighting, and also the entry system.

Those all about the application of SCADA system that are related with the function of SCADA, for acquisition the data, manage data, control the system, present the data result, and also managing the network system of the automation tools.


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