Thursday, September 15, 2016

In-Depth Elaboration On When The Industrial Company Needs Automation System

As the development of technology in automation systems greatly affects to the performance in manufacturing the goods, the need of automation in industry keeps increasing in hope to meet the productivity and profitability. As result, the industrial company that used to employ the manpower resources moves to another step to use the automation system.

However, the big problems might arise when the industrial company comes to realize the need of automation in industry in the purpose of achieving the significant benefits. Below are some circumstances when the company wants to automate the industrial system with some sophisticated technology.

need of automation in industry

1. Reducing cost
The need of automation in industry aims at reducing the cost and when the company intends to do so, industrial management should be taken into considerations. In this case, the company can reduce the cost by implementing the automation by reducing the direct labors only when the number of headcount is less than the required headcounts to produce the products in the same volume manually.

2. Improving the quality
Another need of automation in industry is the underlying reason to improve the quality of the products because automated machine can accomplish the job that cannot be done manually. In this case, the industrial company will implement both check of parts present and the use of in-process testing so that every part of the machine will inspect the quality of every part before sending it to the next process.

3. Reducing inventory
Need of automation in industry is caused by reducing the inventory, for the automated system will transfer the products from one station to another so that during the work-in-process, the inventory is reduced. Besides, the automation system will produce the goods only when the goods are need.

4. Improving response time
Some companies will come to realize the need of automation in industry when they want to improve the response time because in automated system all the products will not stay in certain cycle to wait another process, but they will keep working to produce the finished goods at once. Therefore, the automation significantly helps the company to transfer the products from one cycle to another without waiting in buckets.

5. Improving ergonomics
Ergonomics has the close relationship with the use of automation system. In this regard, the need of automation in industry intends to prevent from the continuous and tedious jobs and implementing automation will be considered as the best solution. In short, the application of automation aims at mechanizing the "hazardous task" in attempt to reduce the workplace accidents.

In today's world, many big industrial companies shift their mindset of implementing the tedious task commonly used to be performed by labors into the application of automation system. In this case, the need of automation in industry is because of the five mentioned points above. It is expected that implementing the automated system will improve the productivity and profitability.


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