Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Three Big Impacts On The Application Of Industrial Automation Towards The Jobs

The shift of the application of industrial automation in company can be described as the shift of the blue-collar jobs into white-collar jobs, since all the manually processed goods will be performed automatically using automated system.

The development of the technology, in this case, has changed the cycle of manufacturing in industrial companies, since technology significantly helps the companies to transform the tedious human task industrial job with the rapid manufacturing process performed by the automation system. Besides, the automated system also increases the productivity, earnings and skilled workers.

These following points below describe the significant impact on the application of industrial automation towards the jobs as mentioned before.

application of industrial automation

1. Productivity
The main reasons of implementing the application of industrial automation are improve the quality of the output, reduce the operating costs and increase the productivity. Among the mentioned reasons above, the productivity becomes the main interest of the industrial company. The high productivity of the company indicates the long-term economic growth and living standards. Besides, the increasing of productivity also affects to the technology development that drives to the logistics, energy, communication and transportation.

2. Earnings
Like productivity, the application of industrial automation also affects to the earnings, since the implementation of technology in automation industry has replaced the repetitive and tedious task with the smart machine, so that the role of technology shifts the labors in manufacturing the goods. Thus, it also gives the impacts to the increasing wages among the white-collar workers. In addition, the employee will receive the proportionate wages based on the productivity when manufacturing the goods.

3. Employment
The application of industrial automation also affects to the job displacement and unemployment because all the manually manufactured process has been changed to the automated system. In another word, all the routines jobs in producing the goods will be replaced by the new jobs performed by the automated system. Such cases happened in several years ago, when the technology in computer keeps increasing, the number of the American labors meets progress in four years from 150 to 160 million in 2014. This is possible to lead the increasing of the unemployment in recent years.

The application of industrial automation has greatly affected to some factors such as earnings, employment and productivity. This actually is caused by the development of technology in the field of industrial company among some automation companies. In short, automated system has replaced the manpower resources since the manual jobs can be accomplished using the automation.


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