Sunday, September 11, 2016

Three Big Challenges Stop Small Business Owners Create Technology-Automated Environment

The application of automation in industries always becomes the main considerations of some profitable industries in the purpose of increasing the productivity and profitability. Therefore, thousand business owners out there are thinking about implementing the automated system during the manufacturing process.

Apart from the automation in big industrial companies, some of the small business owners who want to create technology-automated environment may face challenges to run the manufacturing process. Below are three main challenges that become the barriers small business owners to implement the application of automation in industries in their companies.

application of automaton in industries

1. Problem dealing with employee training
One of the main problems might encounter the small business owners to use the application of automation in industries is employee training. In this regard, the previous objectives in improving the company performance will not run well when the automated system is not under the control of the employee. In line with this matter, some industrial consultants note that the automated system will not improve the manufacturing performance when the employee receives inadequate training dealing with the industrial automation. Therefore, if the small business owners want to set aside the problems dealing with the application of automation in industries, the company should provide the good quality of educational program for the employees.

2. In relation with management philosophy
When the certain company implements the application of automation in industries, all the process, for sure, will be automatically controlled. In this regard, the role of employees that used to perform the manufacturing process will change and they play as supervisor in making sure all the automated system stays fine-tuned. Unfortunately, the industrial company never allows the employees to be supervisor in controlling the system due to the less belief in employees' ability and it latter affects to the less effectiveness of the company.

3. In accordance with the financial matter
The most crucial problem when the small business owner intends to use the application of automation in industries deals with financial issues. It is because the implementation of automation system greatly affects to the long-term budgeting, financial health and tax. Thus, the business owners should have the knowledge of allocating the finance for maintenance costs, etc.

The application of automation in industries has been the consideration of either small or big industrial companies. It is because the advantages that successfully attract the business owners in improving the productivity and profitability.

Nevertheless, the implementation of the application of automation in industries for the small business owners in attempt to creating the technology-automated environment may encounter some problems as mentioned above.


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