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Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals, Mobile Device to provide operators terminal in the process line of sight to reduce development costs to be more efficiently

Bulletin 2711T Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals is mobile devices that helps increase operator productivity. User can get many benefits for a safe production environment. An integral part of a mobile operator interface running a standard Windows 7 operating system, but allows re FactoryTalk® View ME and FactoryTalk View Studio applications that will help to reduce development costs to be more efficiently.

Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals

What are the Features of Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals?

Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals will provide operators terminal in the process line of sight. This is including 17:00, 22:00, or 15-meter cable with bracket connecting fast and mounting options. The program offers basic functions properly transfer embedded momentary push button or switch, including 3-position switch enables, and provides 10, widescreen (1280 x 800) with resistive touch screen for easy viewing. SD internal applications store data card inside Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals with completed features and record capabiity.

What is the Function of Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals?

Rockwell Automation Launches Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals to go on top of access HMI. Mobile terminal allows the operator to make changes in real time to implement the exit of opinion with new interface tethered operator.

Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals provides mobile terminals for industrial plants and individuals to take the freedom of the human-machine interface (HMI) with them to make adjustments in real-time applications outside opinion.

Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals are ideal for maintenance tasks and machine setup or calibration activities, and other HMI applications that require the operator to view the device. The inclusion of electronic pause button an integral part of the three-position switches also enables support for applications that require a local security function part.

By workers, for specific applications, the amendments to the station and see the results on the device. This can be fixed operator stations require a lot of back. Anchored and MobileView terminal operator interface are placed in the hands of companies to increase productivity and safety to be more efficient and faster machine set task.

Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals allow users to develop and re-used in the MobileView software applications

MobileView anchored interface terminals complement Allen Bradley PanelView graphic operator that gives manufacturers and operators a variety of fixed and mobile stations for various applications industry. It is also used FactoryTalk View Machine Edition (ME) software and HMI from Rockwell Automation, which allows users to develop and re-used in the MobileView software applications and platform PanelView.

Three long years of cable choices, ranging from 16.4 feet to 49.2 feet provide flexibility for different machines and production lines. MobileView anchored use operator interface also introduced a 10-inch screen with a resistive touch screen, 2 GB SD card for internal storage applications, and also USB 2.0 port to transfer data at high speed. Software functionality is available as an option transported by pressing the button for a moment illuminated properly embedded in the main position.


Allen Bradley MobileView-Tethered-Terminals from Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK) is known as the world's largest products dedicated to industrial automation and information. This makes customers more productive and the world more sustainable with completed features and record capabiity.


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