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Feature and Benefits Allen Bradley Industrial Monitors Review to obtain visualization, control, maintenance, or information-computing solution

Allen-Bradley Industrial monitors are the LCD flat-panel monitor designed for rugged industrial environments. The monitors equipped with various mount configurations and interface options. The industrial monitors designed to meet the needs of visualization applications on the factory floor or in a control room. Users can combine these monitors with any of Allen-Bradley non-display computers to obtain computing solution.

There are two types of Allen-Bradley industrial monitors, the Standard Industrial Monitors and Performance Industrial Monitors. Both designed for different industrial environments, different specification, and construction, mount options and operating temperature.

Allen Bradley Industrial-Monitors

Allen-Bradley Standard Industrial Monitors – 6176M

Allen Bradley Industrial-Monitors 6176M enable the application of visualization in the less demanding environments, but it still providing industrial ratings for shock, vibration and temperature. All 6176M Standard Industrial Monitor comes with USB and RS232 touch screen inputs, VGA and DVI inputs, and On Screen Display (OSD) that features color pallet changes, image rotation, and push button auto reset.

Features and Benefits 6176M Allen Bradley Industrial-Monitors

The Allen Bradley Industrial-Monitors 6176M standard monitors are available in 15-inches, 17-inches, and 19-inches models. The display type of all standard monitors is the color active-matrix TFT LCD. As the main feature of the monitors is the best perfomance touch-screen option. On the back, there are USB hubs for connection to keyboard or mouse. Allen Bradley Industrial-Monitors applicable for panel, rack, tabletop or bench, VESA as good a wall mount form factors. The touch-screen supported for Windows XP Pro, Windows & Pro (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

The operating temperature for all standard Allen Bradley Industrial-Monitors rated to 45oC.

Allen-Bradley Performance Industrial Monitors – 6186M

The Performance Industrial Monitors designed for extreme environmental conditions such as shock and heat. All Performance Industrial Monitors are flat-panel and available with aluminum or stainless steel bezels. Resistive touch-screen is available through option. The 6186M Performance monitors are best suited for Class I Division 2 hazardous locations, food and beverage areas or other areas with hazardous environments.

Features and Benefits 6186M Performance Industrial Monitors

The 6186M Performance Industrial Monitors are available in 12-inches, 15-inches, 17-inches and 19-inches models. 12-inches and 15-inches models are rated to 55oC. 17-inches and 19-inches are rated to 50oC. All supported for panel, bench/tabletop, rack, and wall mount form factors. The monitors feature options for stainless steel bezels, resistive and anti-glare touch screen. There are two rear USB ports and one front lockable USB port on aluminum models. The touch-screen Allen Bradley Industrial-Monitors supported for Windows XP Pro, Windows & Pro (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.


There are two types of Allen-Bradley Industrial Monitors: Standard Industrial Monitor and Performance Industrial Monitors. The ranges of monitor products designed to answering the needs to various requirements of visualization applications on the industrial floor or in the control room. Users can select the proper model for specific application. They also capable combine these monitors with any of Allen-Bradley non-display computers.


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