Monday, October 17, 2016

Check This Out: The Features of Compact PLC XC-152 to give optimum result to achieve higher performance system

Compact PLC XC-152 is a cost-effective solution product that has a powerful PLC, integrated with several types of supporting device. The users can apply innovative automation solutions for its ability XC-152 to exchange data either through an Ethernet interface for OPC clients or through the built-in web server.

If Compact PLC XC-152 set up properly, it will give optimum result to achieve higher performance system.

What are the features of Compact PLC XC-152?

Compact PLC XC-152 which is characterized by specific design is suitable to handle many applications lower cost and high-performance with a different interface requirements. XC-152 uses the Windows CE operating system 5 including 32-bit RISC 400 MHz CPU.

Compact PLC XC-152

The unit of Compact PLC XC-152 is 64 MB of internal memory processing (OS, software and data) with an SD slot for external storage. The PLC XC-152 is equipped with onboard switching on / off, and Ethernet interface, and a USB. It is the following options: CANopen (master / slave) or PROFIBUS (master DP / MPI) interfaces and devices SmartWire-DT master. Finally, this compact PLC is completed with WEB / remote server includes RS232 and / or RS485 communication port port depending on the version used.

There are also some additional features of Compact PLC XC-152, such as: Operating system: Windows CE 5, Processor: 32Bit and RISC CPU @ 400 MHz, OS- and program and data memory: 64 MB, Operating system: Windows CE 5, Ethernet interface on board, External Memory: 1 × SD Card, Interface SmartWire-DT depends on the type. In addition to this, you can also find communication interfaces depending on the type: RS232, RS485, PROFIBUS / MPI and CANopen / Easynet, On / Off switch, PLC CoDeSys visualization and WEB and also Support for Galileo

Compact PLC XC-152 integrated with SmartWire-DT master for Lean Automation

Compact PLC XC-152 is the ideal solution for users who participate in the machinery industry standard automation modules. Featuring an integrated key SmartWire-DT XC-152, this offers outstanding performance with a wide range of communications options.

SmartWire-DT is invaluable when implementing the concept of lean automation Eaton, which offers some important advantages as part of lean solutions for the company's strategy. With SmartWire-DT, layer I / O is integrated directly into the switchgear, PLC. Compact PLC XC-152 allows for the use of SmartWire-DT to access data directly from the device digital circuits and analog control all the way to a safety valve. This eliminates the need to separate the gate layer and I / O, and reducing the number of component engineering effort and allows users to create flexible automation solutions.


Today, relying effective units cost solutions are increasingly on high-performance PLC (such as the Compact PLC XC-152) with the outside HMI as an alternative to PLC HMI combined. This solution is future-proof, because it makes easier to implement the expansion and modification applications with greater flexibility. Direct access, visualization, and data transparency achieved with all Ethernet connection are the othes advantages. The user can choose WEB visualization or remote server with the Compact PLC XC-152. In addition, the design platform that enables engineers to reuse existing successful solutions and know-how


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