Sunday, October 16, 2016

Go Ahead with Siemens Plant Intelligence Execution System as Solution to Help Adopt Production Processes in Real Time

Siemens Plant Intelligence Execution System provides intelligence SIMATIC SCADA factory to link with the level of the Ministry of Education, Science and also the creation of an integrated and scalable solutions for the development of the engine to the corporate level. Plant makes important information available in real time to facilitate the decision-making process, to avoid waste and lost time, improve asset utilization, and improve business efficiency and productivity.

Siemens Plant Intelligence Execution System connects the SCADA entry-level SIMATIC WinCC process visualization system with a level of SIMATIC MES information technology. This provides a greater degree of transparency in the production through the efficient acquisition and archiving, compilation, analysis and distribution of production data. It is possible to start from the approach from the bottom up, with SIMATIC WinCC plant intelligence, with a focus on action-oriented and model shop floor issues, which main objective is to equipment or lines.

Siemens Plant Intelligence Execution System

What does the Focus of Siemens Plant Intelligence Execution System?

There is a more comprehensive approach with SIMATIC IT Intelligence factory of Siemens Plant Intelligence Execution System. This approach focuses on the entire plant, but also provides a special interaction with the ERP system. With SIMATIC IT Intelligence monitoring of key performance, users can use indicators station and automatically link the preventive and corrective actions.

SIMATIC Plant Intelligence information technology is part of the SIMATIC MES portfolio of information technology. This allows users to plant intelligence solution easily integrated into the Ministry of Education and science in general applications, and thus protect the investments of Information Technology.

How does Siemens Plant Intelligence Execution System expand intelligence plant with integrated information?

SIMATIC Plant Intelligence connects the SCADA level with the MES level to make the backbone is fully integrated and scalable information. Intelligence plant based on SIMATIC WinCC can be smart to take advantage of data to generate important information in real-time at the plant level, and can be easily on their way to resolve the overall improvement of the level of MES with SIMATIC IT.

Siemens Plant Intelligence Execution System implements the typical manufacturing solutions that meet the market requirements of modern manufacturing systems. Depending on your needs, you can enter the era of the SIMATIC WinCC intelligence station level or information SIMATIC IT. In addition to this, you can also enter interest level of the ideal of cooperation between all right on the level of information technology from the very beginning - with MES, which has a workflow process where decisions affecting mostly profitability.


For some companies, to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, they must take measures and solutions that respond to market changes quickly and correctly and also help adopt production processes - in real time. An important tool to achieve this is to implement Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that supports timely execution.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is essential to ensure the integration of the comprehensive component, ensuring maximum quality and improve production facilities in the world. Siemens is one of the first to understand the challenges facing manufacturing industries, offering SIMATIC MES IT solution as the advanced technology application of Siemens Plant Intelligence Execution System.


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