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Take Benefits of using Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC to integrate four types of automatic control based on a single computer system

Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC is global solutions for MELSEC Q series. It offers a variety of applications for MELSEC Q series continue to advance the state of the art in automatic control systems. Q series is a comprehensive experience developing automation Mitsubishi electrical systems, while inheriting the technical assets of the series MELSEC A and QNa series.

This Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC is a unique series that able to integrate four types of automatic control, sequence, motion, process, and information (based) on a single computer system. Therefore, it offers significant benefits to users in terms of the development and function, performance, and maintenance.

Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC

What are the Features of Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC?

Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC contains of CPU, Power module Supply, Memory cards input module with production unit, and network / Egyptian media processing unit, unit smart function, and accessories.

MELSEC-Q Series has strong performance took a series of Q to a level rarely seen by other Legislative Council before. In accordance with the requirements of the manufacturing which is growing every day, the next generation MELSEC-Q series, with nano processing speed can significantly improve the system and engine performance.

Building on Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC predecessor, ANSH, Q System is the concept of control that allows users to mix and choose the best combination of CPUs, communication devices, controllers and specialized discreet I / O on the back of the plane. It allows users to configure systems into what they need, when they need it, and where they need them.

What is the Ability of Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC?

Basic and advanced PLC CPUs of Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC has specialist motion, process control devices and computers, so that it can be integrated into a single solution Q System with up to four units of different CPU. This gives users a choice of control philosophies, programming concepts and programming languages - all from a single platform.

What Can You Expect From Mitsubishi PLC Units?

Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC is total soluton to integrate four types of automatic control, sequence, motion, process, and information (based) on a single computer system with several benefits as below:

1. Worldwide Use
Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC is a variety of power supply your means, Q System modules will work all over the world with a large number of shipping approvals, and comply with CE, as well as manufacturing levels of quality auto industry, System is a product of confidence.

2. The system is designed else to grow with your application, the solution independently Q00J on the network redundant CPU and process Q25PRH. Q system platform concept allows you to add and customize the special functions you need.

3. Multiple Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC CPU
Q System automation platform allows you to use the CPU to multiple backplane one. You can combine up to four types of CPU, such as PLC, Motion, PC, Q-C CPU process, as a smooth one.

4. Flexibility
Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC has the wide range of power supply, CPU, I / O modules, special units and communication units that makes the Q System automation systems and modules most flexible in the world.


Flexibility and scalability are key design features that enable Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC System to be really automatic single platform. Users can apply simple control to the individual machine or integrated plant management in the entire same basic device. Mitsubishi Q-Series-PLC enable to integrate four types of automatic control based on a single computer system.


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