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1747 SLC 500Allen-Bradley SLC System, A Powerful Solution for Mid Range and Stand Alone Industrial Controller

Allen-Bradley SLC System is one of the industrial product challenging by the day. There are so many Instrumen and panel which is needed to create better industrial environment, especially in case of automation solution. By the time, there are so many industries want their business unit and also their systems become better and easy to operate, low costs and at the same time increasing the productivity.

Allen-Bradley SLC System is a chassis-based, modular family of controllers and I/O from RockWell Allen-Bradley 1747 SLC™ 500 PLC. Nowadays it was the era of better automation solution, Allen-Bradley SLC System was needed in almost all aspect of industries as powerful solution for Mid Range and Stand Alone Industrial Controller.

Allen-Bradley SLC System has been proved as good product from the basic of industrial enginering, platform of main controller, until the safety concept. It was the biggest part of the industrial automation solution. That concept was so wide and involved lot of device, one of the important device called the PLC which was produced by many console developer and industrial automation solution device provider.

Allen-Bradley SLC System

Allen-Bradley SLC System, The Powerful Solution for Mid Range and Stand Alone Industrial Controller

There are so many PLC device which is producing by Rockwell in case of PLC’s family. One of Rockwell PLC family product which was widely recognized by the world of industries as full featured small controllers is the Allen Bradley SLC System, especially with 1747 SLC 500Allen-Bradley SLC System. And goes by that reason we would go further more to learn and knowing the information about those product.

Allen-Bradley SLC System Features and Functions

Then what this Allen-Bradley SLC System controller can do? We know it was common question, and the answer is you can check this features as below:

• Allen-Bradley SLC System has big enough configurable data and program memory

• Allen-Bradley SLC System can handeup to 64K, control up to 4096 for each of output and input signals, and also was designed and configure up to three local chassis, with around maksimum 30 local communication or I/O modules,

• Allen-Bradley SLC System can monitor and control remotely located I/O across devicenet™, controlnet™,

• Comply and built-in ports for ethernet/ip™,dh-485, dh+, or rs-232 communication, also the universal remote I/O links of course it was requires I/O scanner module

• Available communication modules to provide additional communication options, that come up with the specialty modules support simple motion control applications

For many application, Allen-Bradley SLC System has been wraping all of that issued this device has ben prepared to continued support the on-going engineering investment which is purpose for the large installed base.

Allen-Bradley SLC System Logic Controller, Gold Standard With Numerous Power Supply Option

The 500 SLC Family was designed and created to be one of greater Industrial Controller, which is specialities in Logic Controller. By the time, as one of bigger idea in SLC models, the 1747 SLC 500 Allen Bradley SLC System has come as the partner of the world of Industries. Which is made for the partner of the Industrial Automation Solution Systems. Rockwell called their Allen-Bradley SLC System product as the first full featured small industrial logic controllers that prepared and design for the Industrial kindness. It was something that so much belongging with the idea of better industrial controller. By the reason, of course Rockwell was prepared and designend they product with several features before offered to the market. And every single features has designed to completed to be robbust industrial controller.


Allen-Bradley SLC System is designed and created for the mid range and stand alone Industrial controller. The Allen Bradley 1747 SLC 500 SLC Systems, has been preperad to answer the industrial intention and purposes, in case of robbust and strong controller. That’s why a lots of industries suggest and used this device as one of highly reccomended SLC system.


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