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Types and Function The Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller to provide flexible monitoring and control around the plant or anywhere you need it

Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller alpha2 is perfect product for simple control system. It's easy to use remote control entry model for simple applications. Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller offers simple control system that can be relied upon for a wide range of automation including lighting, air conditioning and security systems applications, and temperature and water control.

What is the Product List of Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller?

Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller

There are some specific regional products which are available in current sales. The product lists of Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller are as below:

1. Alpha2 Main unit
Alpha2 main unit is all-in-one power supply, CPU, and I / O main unit. The display includes a built-in features, analog inputs, counters, timers and function GSM.

2. I / O extension
I / O extensions 4 I disagree / modules have important function to extend the output system during control system process.

3. Analog control
This analog control has contributing to the analog output temperature sensor are available.

4. AS- Interface and Software Engineering
This products available on graphics interface software engineering series alpha2 programming.

5. The other options
You can choose a variety of cables and cassette memory.

What is the Function of Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller?

It has been designed ALPHA programmable Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller to provide flexible monitoring and control around the plant, office or home, or anywhere you need it!

ALPHA has a number of advanced features packed into a small frame. The clock in real time and the current shift high, relays, analog inputs, the removal of the security code, and 100 hours of memory again - all in a compact, DIN rail or screw ride frame type.

But what separates a small number of giant competitors is Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller ease of use. The Windows-based visual software logic (LS) is the most user friendly way to program the unit for each user control.

Programmable function block allows you to choose from a range of pre-made input and output function blocks. Anyone can pull, drop, can point and click their way to a complete program. Ideal for the novice programmer, yet powerful enough to satisfy the most sophisticated! The device allows programmable finger software updates, or enters data directly from the front panel.

Alfa Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller is effective automation solutions in terms of cost for a variety of applications, including lighting, conveyors, gates, and packaging machines and many others.

Total system performance of not individual components specification leads to maximum performance. This control device able to achieve high-speed and high-precision motor control any machine industry. Various motion controller, lined unit movement simple units (sites) even. The Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller unit is suitable can choose the desired system.


Mitsubishi Simple Application Controller is one of Mitsubishi reputable product that has known as worldwide reputation for its efforts in continually developing and pushing back the limits of industrial automation. This controller provide flexible monitoring and control around the plant or anywhere you need it. What is ignored in some cases by the user is the care and attention to detail that is taken with the documentation. But, to continue this process of improvement, Mitsubishi user comments are always welcomed.


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