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More Understading Product Features and Advanatages of Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller for faster engine response and increase productivity

Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller is controller with rich features and flexible system configuration in a compact size. MELSEC-F series PLC combines power supply, CPU, and I / O into a compact unit one. Meet the needs of a wide range of applications users with Quick I / O, analogs, position, and the expansion of an open network.

The Mitsubishi Electric series MELSEC-F has been making way for the next generation MELSEC rate Alzca- F series. This also gives an increase in high-speed buses, and expansion of jobs in construction, SSCNET sophisticated support III / H and also improves environmental engineering with the parameter settings in GX Engineering software Works3.
Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller

Take The Five Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller Advantages as below

Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller has independent of the applications especially if set up on the network system, MELSEC rate Alzca- F acts has bring to the next level with the main advantages of Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller are as below:

1. Faster engine response and increase productivity with the execution speed of 34 nanoseconds

2. Structural flexible and easy expansion options for the unification of the various applications

3. Open and flexible connectivity with Ethernet, Modbus serial communication options

4. Enhanced security options to protect intellectual property

5. Motion control capabilities in a compact control platform, reducing costs and simplifying design

To get maximum result, Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller completed with large memory capacity to increase the memory and allow for more complex programs. This will increase the capacity for comments, tags, and data recording.

Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller Type

Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller consists of inverter up to 16 Mitsubishi inverter control through RS-485 connections by using a custom inverter guide. It's a simple parameter to read / write, monitor, and control over the network with FX5U Mitsubishi inverter.

Sites and FX5U comes with a built-in high-speed 200KHZ ability of inputs and outputs. And it provides the ability to control up to four axes for positioning with stepper motors or complications. FX5U and is an effective solution in terms of cost of uninterrupted playback, multi-stage process and the speed of a simple linear interpolation, and began simultaneously from two axes.

How to set up Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller? Check this out as below:

Unit movement of Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller is simple. The unity of simple movement (FX5-40SSC-S) provides the functionality of movement up to 4 movement axes to SSCNET III / H integrated control has the potential applications of advanced control that require sync, and control cam, torque and speed control.

Typical high-function (FX3U / FX3UC) is faster and friendly. High achievement and raise the level of functionality. The mouth of a high-speed network will support the control and even recording possible.

FX3 series fashioned of FX3U and FX3UC comes with 2 connector types. 2 models are available: Typical high-function (FX3U / FX3UC) and the standard model (FX3G / FX3GC). In addition to this, small size with the same performance, FX3GC is also available. Those are the standard model (FX3G / FX3GC) and the basic model (FX3S).


Mitsubishi MELSEC-F Series Controller has outstanding performance for faster engine response and increase productivity. Completed with ethernet port as integral access to the Ethernet network make this device enable to improve connectivity with other devices. It provides access to data to make decisions in real-time part. Built-in SD card slot and FX5U have the ability to upload and download software, data storage, and the ratification of the security of the SD card.


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