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Product Features and Benefits of Omron Safety controller G9SE to increase productivity, from installation to maintenance

Omron safety controller is compact and easy-to-install unit with an output of safety helps to increase productivity, from installation to maintenance. G9SE unit offers a series of new Omron safety relay in an easy approach to a variety of simple security applications.

Omron has a complete set of security solutions, from the door, E- stop and limit switches to safety mats and safety sensors. Omron G9SP is part of a victim of the broadest in the industry, enabling Omron to provide a wide range of products for various applications worldwide.

Omron Safety controller

Omron Safety controller G9SE Features has been configured to allow the appropriate circuit for input and output error detection

Omron Safety controller G9SE is simple to use wire payment plus terminal blocks. This is also easy to install, reliable and maintenance. When the traditional model with stations at the top and bottom of the unit installed in a small control panel, it is difficult to secure adequate space for wiring. In addition to the payment of terminal blocks in front G9SE make installation easier and faster.

An indication of the Omron Safety controller security unit of conventional relay not only in the operating state of the carry-over shows (K1 / K2). It is difficult to check the operation or communication of safety input devices. Intuitive new LED indicators of G9SE shows the operating status of safety inputs and outputs, making troubleshooting enables faster and more accurate when he stopped equipment.

Omron Safety controller is the essence of the system when building safety equipment and facilities department. It may be configured to allow the appropriate circuit for input and output error detection and enable the failsafe system.

Check These Three Omron Safety controller G9SE Benefits as Below

Every safety system relies on the right set up the most appropriate equipment. Omron Safety controller G9SP makes it easier than ever to do. Features of this product provide a new or existing group set up a variety of benefits as below:

1. Reconstruction
Configured with Omron tool, it can be all aspects of the definition of inputs and outputs to the unit, simulation, testing and validation with an easy to use graphic user interface. If you're building a personal make-up once / lot-to-use configuration can be copied and applied to all systems. If you restructure the telephone group exists, it's just that simple. When the user needs to change, it can be adapted quickly and easily to meet those needs.

2. Flexible
Unlike hard-wired safety relays, Omron Safety controller G9SP can be reconfigured for multiple purposes. Because it is a solid-state, software-driven unit all aspects of the process can be reconfigured, with direct links to non-contact switches, safety mats.

3. Simple
Above all, the range of Omron G9SP built with simplicity. Configured with Omron tool, you can determine the speed of all inputs and outputs, scope, testing, simulation, validation and operation of your system. Text on the screen and icon driven menus guides the user quickly through all aspects of the establishment.


Omron Safety controller has been configured to allow the appropriate circuit for input and output error detection with lower installation space and costs. It is completed with the plus terminal blocks to reduce operational costs with diagnostic indicators intuitive. Different types of safety input devices such as emergency stop switches, doors and light curtains can be set as additional security device to maximize protection.


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