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Product Features of OMRON Programmable Controllers CJ1 Series as ideal controller for applications in the small space with flexibility to integrate the controllers

OMRON Programmable Controller CJ1 series is small and applicable controller for everything from machine to process control with high flexibility. The model provides all the functions to the process control. The flexible system configuration makes it easy for a backplane-free structure installation. The CJ1 series offers intelligence for a fast and flexible solution for expanding the world of machine control. This is a versatile unit with upgraded basic functions.

OMRON Programmable Controller CJ1 measured at only 90mm in height and 65mm in depth making it a super compact programmable controller that can be installed even in the narrow space in a machine serves as a control panel. Its high flexibility is suitable for any applications ranging from small device and temperature control to the more complex and large scale control over networks.

OMRON Programmable Controller

To suit to your need, OMRON Programmable Controller CJ1 offer various types of CPU units for different applications. As your reference, here we reviewed the detail information about OMRON Programmable Controllers CJ1 Series.

OMRON Programmable Controller CPU Units

CJ1 OMRON Programmable Controller series comes with different CPU unit. The basic smallest, fast and flexible is the model with CJ1M-CPU1. It provides the similar compact dimensions with high-speed control performance and high-speed processing units. The model supports up to 128 MB of high-capacity memory cards for system and settings backup or log customer data.

The second variant of OMRON Programmable Controller is the SYSMAC CJ-Series CPU Unit with Ethernet Unit functionality. The model has similar capability to the CJ1M-CPU1. The third variant is the CJ1m-CPU2. This is a compact and application-oriented controller with standard I/O feature for high potential.

OMRON Programmable Controller Power Supply Units

The CJ1 series come with the CJ1W-PA / PD power supply units. The power supply has already integrated with the RUN output for checking the operation status. For easier maintenance, the power supply has already equipped with replacement notifications. The power supply unit is up to 25 W and with wide variations 100 to 240 V AC or 24 V DC.

OMRON Programmable Controller Basic I/O Units

There are many selections of I/O units. The CJ1W-ID/IA is for the high-speed input for various applications. The CJ1W-OC/OA/OD is the Output Units for CJ/NJ controller with wide range of basic output units for high-speed output and different application. For a Mixed I/O Units users can select the CJ1W-MD. Furthermore, there are also the Interrupt Input Units (CJ1W-INT01), Quick-Response Input Units (CJ1W-IDP01) and Interface Unit (CJ1W-B7A).

OMRON Programmable Controller Special I/O Units

In addition to the Basic I/O units, OMRON provides Special I/O Units for further applications. The available Special I/O Units is ranging from CompoNet Master Unit, Process Analog I/O Unit, Temperature Control Unit, Position Control Unit and many more.

OMRON Programmable Controller CPU Bus Units

The CPU Bus Units handle special I/O and communication needs to reach advanced motion control, network communications and position control. There is available wide range of CPU Bus Units to choose suiting to different applications.

OMRON Programmable Controller Other Units

Through the CJ1W-IC/II, users can expand the CJ-series Controller capacity even when the space is limited. It comes with easy-to-use connectors that enable quick expansion without any tricky settings.


The CJ1-series OMRON Programmable Controller is ideal for applications in the small space in a machine. With flexibility to integrate the controllers to the I/O, CPU Bus, Special I/O and extending mounted rack, making you can easily achieve the most advanced process controlling within your manufacturing process.


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