Friday, November 25, 2016

Product Overview of Mitsubishi Electric MELSERVO-J4 Series Servo Amplifier as a complete system lineup to meet of every production and manufacturing needs

Mitsubishi servo amplifier is the brilliant concept of technology in providing the most human-friendly machines. One of this mitsubishi servo amplifier namely MELSERVO-J4 is a complete system lineup to meet of every production and manufacturing needs. The MELSERVO-J4 allows everybody to freely create an advanced servo system responding to the expanding applications such as machine tools, robots, food processing machines, LCD manufacturing and semiconductor. MELSERVO-J4 can be integrated with Mitsubishi Electric’s other product lineups such as controllers, networks, motion controls as well as displays and programmable controllers.

mitsubishi servo amplifier

Read the full description of the MELSERVO-J4 servo amplifier as below.

Mitsubishi servo amplifier has Powerful Basic Performance

The high-speed servo control architecture delivers speed frequency response of up to 2.5k Hz that make it the industry-leading level of servo amplifier basic performance. It also provides fast and accurate operation. In the fields, the MELSERVO-J4 improves machine performance with high-performance servomotors.

Mitsubishi servo amplifier has Adjustment Function

Built-based on the consumers’ needs the MELSERVO-J4 comes with advanced adjustment function such as one-touch tuning, advanced vibration suppression control II, robust filter, expanded machine resonanced suppression filter, lost motion compensation function, and super trace control.

Mitsubishi servo amplifier A Variety of Functions for Various Applications

Mitsubishi servo amplifier MELSERVO-J4 features tightening & press-fit control that makes the position/speed control switches to torque control smoothly without stopping or changing the speed or the torque rapidly. The master-slave operation function enables a torque control operation with the slave axes using the torque as command. In addition, the scale measurement function of MELSERVO-J4 enables to transmit position information of a scale measurement encoder to the controller when the scale measurement encoder is connected in semi closed loop control.

Mitsubishi servo amplifier Compatible with Various Control and Driving Systems

Mitsubishi servo amplifier MELSERVO-J4 servo compatible with fully closed loop control system. For SSCNET III/H there are two available 3-axis and 2-axis types in addition to the standard 1-axis type. This is enabling the more flexible systems based on the number of control axes.

Mitsubishi servo amplifier Built-in Positioning Function

The Mitsubishi servo amplifier MELSERVO-J4 has already a built-in positioning system, which enables positioning operation with point table, program-based and indexer methods. Now the servo amplifier also comes with new useful functions with positioning function. The functions added to the positioning function are including simple cam function, encoder following function, command pulse input through function, mark sensor input compensation and communication functions. By applying these functions, you can configure the positioning system easier.

Mitsubishi servo amplifier has been CC-Link IE Field Supported

CC-Link IE Field Network lets you connect field devices such as I/O modules, high-speed counter modules, programmable controllers, servo amplifiers, displays as well as inverters to gain the most optimal network for best fits the needs of the applications.


Mitsubishi servo amplifier MELSERVO-J4 is for the advanced servo system in various manufacturing processes. The servo system can be integrated with Mitsubishi Electric’s other devices like controller, networks, motion controls and programmable controllers. This Mitsubishi servo amplifier is a complete system lineup to meet of every production and manufacturing needs.


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