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Allen-Bradley Servo Motor, Best To Provide Motion In Automation Solution; Product Acknowledgement And Beneficial Approach

Servo Motor is part of industrial movement facilities, both in laterally and based on the fact. There are so many equipment, device and other stuff which is need and used as moving function. For the example, the conveyor belt which used to move some stuff or product from one departement to other department. Another function of this conveyor belt is to move several parts which is need to be assemble by worker or co-bots.

At the other hands, Servo Motor was run with automation solution, motor and automation motion controller. All was doing for single purposes as the industrial kindness and increas the productivity. But there is an answer with it, what kind manufacture which is create best motor models and so with several functional utilities to complete it? There are lots of, but one of the best come from best manufacture or developer called the servo motor from Allen-Bradey products. Here in this article we would go further more with couple of Allen Bradley Servo motor product divers.

Broad Of Linear and Rotary Motor, Allen-Bradley Servo Motor Came With Best Product For Industrial Kindness

Allen-Bradley has provide the industries with varies of great product, for the servo motor models there are at least three main component which create and offered by Allen-Bradley for the public and here it them; SpeedTec DIN conectors Kinetix Cable, LDL and LDC series Linear Servo Motors, and The Rotary Motors, which comes by diferent utilities such as; Kinetix VP and MP Series servo motor also the RDD Series Direct Drive. Each of that has been designed with great features, and here it the summary.

Allen-Bradley Servo Motor
Image by Allen Bradley {link to}

1. SpeedTec DIN conectors Kinetix Cable
    This flexing cable came from Allen Bradley called with Buletin 2090 Kinetix Cables, design to quick and easier connect with servo connection, available from 2 AWG to 16 AWG available with brakes option. At the drives end, it build with molded conector (D-sub) and flying leads. Also small diameter cable jacket, so it would be easier to channeling through conduits.

2. LDL and LDC series Linear Servo Motors
    This design as precise linear positioning even in high operating speed, this model has been developed with several features that give benefits such as; full setup programming with RSLogix™ 5000 software, designed compact with no bearings, gears or belts, and best way in quick maintain movement even handling many motion profiles.

3. The Rotary Motors
    Designed to be high performance motion systems, this Allen Bradley product came with many models, such as; VP Kinetix Servo Motors, MP Series, also the RDD Series Direct Drive. Each has been designed with great capabilites such as integrated motion on IP™/EtherNet, food grade function, low or medium inertia also rapid acceleration and deceleration.

For Allen-Bradley companies, product and qualities of the product can’t be compromised. The quality of the product came in single way with inovation and development. By that idea, in motion control department of Servo Motor Allen-Bradley has been offered each of that great product.


Allen-Bradley servo motors series, has been created and offered as great motion control component. With many capabilites such as; VP-Low Inertia motor, food grade, build with stainless steel material. Each of the parts also certified with latest globals certified standard such as IP67 rating, UL and DESINA, it can found in the product from Allen Bradley such as Buletin 2090 Kinetix Cables that was design as one of servo motor in Allen Bradley motion controller product.


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