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Atmel Lighting Control Function and Advantages as Low-energy leaded Solution to improves battery life without sacrificing performance mode

Atmel Lighting Control Neon and LED lights use 50-80 percent of less energy than their incandescent counterparts. No wonder that the US and European governments to pay vendors for lighting solutions that rely on high-frequency electronic ballast. Success depends on the design of ballast major sacrifice: Achieve a balance between ease of use of the design complexity and cost. This also achieves a balance between the voltage and current control over the complexity of the design and space painting. Function on low power consumption budget and powerful, easy to use, green solutions.

The Function of Atmel Lighting Control with High Performance

Atmel Lighting Control provides functionality, comfort and high performance required by high-frequency ballast lighting applications today, those functions are:

  1. Neon ballast with appropriate design ballasts, fluorescent lamps can today produce heat and inviting glow without flickering or humming. Electronic ballasts same high frequency can be adapted to different types of fluorescent lighting applications so you can make the most of your investment to develop.

  2. Lighting control in a competitive market. Customers are demanding advanced features and intuitive controls. Atmel Lighting Control unit comes with software pre-tested and pre-ratification of the models speed, eliminating the certification test, keep costs in line and improve interoperability.

  3. LED ballast is a unique, low-power, non-flashing, LED output direction capabilities makes it ideal for indoor lighting under counters and in hallways, stairs. It can also focused arrays that are used to illuminate the room.

  4. Atmel Lighting Control LED driver offers solutions for the display industry. Power supply DC- to-DC current control unit integrated internal sink reduces the number of components, and provides a flexible design solutions offer the lowest total system cost. Advanced device also offers a digital control loop, which means they do not require external memory.

Atmel Lighting Control
Image by atmel {link to}

See The Atmel Lighting Control Advantage as Below:

Atmel Lighting Control proud of the technological advances in its portfolio of microcontrollers, touch, wireless solutions that support the growing market worldwide for lighting solutions smarter and more efficient. Atmel Advantage is stated as follows:

1. Easy of use and Flexible solution

    With Atmel Lighting Control, the microcontroller can choose the most cost-effective based on your needs. An integrated solution and one slice of easy to use and produce a project smaller than Substances Act (BOM). Two-chip solution gives you the flexibility, for example, it uses a different transmitter and receiver regional markets which use different frequency bands.

2. Feature-rich microcontrollers

    Built-in features like automatic dimming eliminates the need for additional components, while automatically Switzerland, Dali, or 0 - 10V dimming detection control lets you choose one microcontroller to support multiple standards.


Atmel Lighting Control is Low-energy leaded Solution to improves battery life without sacrificing performance mode. It makes this product will be quick, green and economical to be used. It is rugged and resistant to damage, that make it effective solution in terms of cost for outdoor applications such as sidewalk garden and decorative features.


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