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More Understand The X Ray Inspection Machine System Application in the Food Industry and How does it Works

Nordson DAGE, a leader in X-ray examination for the electronics industry provides an X-ray system to recognize the advantage. The resolution is the highest not only in the laboratory analysis of failure. But it is also in the production environment. Now is proud to launch the 4th generation, ultra-high-resolution, outside the X Ray Inspection Machine systems have a line - Quadra series.

The new design Quadra series with the user in mind, providing image quality that is second to none in the shortest time possible. Quarter with X-ray tube and the detector Revolutionary Aspire ™ FP, Nordson DAGE brings you the future of the clarity of the image X ray accuracy, reliability, performance and productivity.

The Use of X-Ray Inspection Machine Systems in the Food Industry

X Ray Inspection Machine systems can be used to detect contaminants in food. Product inspection became an indispensable element in food production is responsible. This is an integral part of any concept of HACCP, and is an absolute success IFS certification requirement. Food contaminated with dirt whatever may have serious consequences for the company, because under the product liability every processed food law is responsible for the contamination of the product in case they would be consumer harm from pollution.

Pollutants Inspection system can be used to prevent such problems. Detect extremely useful metals to detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals devices, but it has reached its borders, for example in the field of inspection on the packaging coated aluminum and packaging materials.

Contamination with glass, ceramics, stone and similar materials are also a serious problem. Therefore, X Ray Inspection Machine systems and food materials used for these applications revealed. Next RAYCON Sesotec system provides additional benefits compared to detect conventional metals (and other X-ray systems available on the market). For example, RAYCON allowed inspecting parallel to the two different products. Misplaced or overlapping product is also no problem at all. Apart from pollution, product defects such as product components are missing and can also be detected.

X Ray Inspection Machine
Image by sesotec {link to}

How Does The X-Ray System Work in The Food Industry?

X Ray Inspection Machine "radiographing" generated by the X-ray tube power supply. It revealed the font format, which measures the radiation arriving to and positioned over the conveyor belt (see the picture on the right). X-rays have very high energy, and thus unable to penetrate a solid object. Depending on the intensity of X-ray examination of the object, when it passed the product, which weakened to a higher (high) or lower density (low density) degrees. The remaining radiation detector converts it into electrical signals, and is verified by the difference in the density of the object so that it can be represented in an image high-density material.


As leading X Ray Inspection Machine and metal detection technology in the world, we will let you know this product application in practice with all the advantages. The advantages of it such as high image processing, easy operation, and leakage, low radiation, and drop the image of the threat etc. security of full inspection system scanners, X-ray luggage and walk through detection minerals. One of aplliction is in the food industries with all benefits and how can it works as mention above.


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