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Digital Twin Siemens Machine, Integrated Basis Machine to improve efficiency in all phases of the life cycle of the machine

With Digital Twin Siemens, machine manufacturers can use the power of digitization to achieve efficiency and improve quality. This approach helps ensure optimal design engines, direct commissioning, shift times short, and softness. Digital Industries 4.0 is a major trend, not only in Germany but also on a global level. The new products should reach the market in a cycle that is always faster, and in many cases these products are completely individual elements that clients are configured online and then be manufactured on demand.

Digital Twin Siemens
Image by Siemens {link to}

Given the many different change scenarios, Digital Twin Siemens is being fixed classic production lines equipped in manufacturing with modular design. There is a need for greater flexibility also for another reason: Despite an increasing variety of products and processes, does not have the production to consume more time and energy, and resources than ever before. As a result, as it always is verified digital innovation of Twin Siemens regarding the potential for its contribution. It is to increase the efficiency of product design and engineering to production design. It includes commissioning, operation and modernization of machines and plants.

Digital Twin Siemens Green Light for the Construction of a Digital Machine

The digital technology comes in the Twin Siemens concepts of the term used to describe a digital copy that is created and developed simultaneously with the real machine. Ideally from the first study is about. Siemens provides its customers with high-performance software system for developing digital twins. As an example of the innovative transportation system from the German manufacturer of the device Optima set digitally.

The company manufactures packaging machines, especially for many industries and puts great emphasis on mechatronis device is designed as a system that can be tested and the development and verification of digitally health. This allows ideas to be tested and developed further before manufacturing begins in reality. Data from real machines are loaded to the form that already during the design phase. This led to a digital Twin Siemens allowing operation simulation transformation and flow of products throughout the device life cycle.

Digital Twin Siemens, an Integrated Basis to Digitize to improve efficiency in all phases of the life cycle of the machine

Using the right tools, digitizing improve efficiency in all phases of the life cycle of the machine. It is possible to verify designs earlier and testing the composition previous device control system. Taken action and choice place in the engineering process, which reduces the risk of failures and errors in a critical stage of the life cycle, such as during commissioning, which already can be removed only with great effort and under time pressure early.


If the information Digital Twin Siemens is available on the machine unified data platform, the modification can be tested and verified in exactly the same way, so as to speed up the introduction of new products. In addition, with the help of this Twin Siemens model, the operating device data can also be used to improve the characteristic parameters of the production to improve efficiency in all phases of the life cycle of the machine.


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