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Smart Collaborative Robotics Technology, replace workers or put people out of work but to enable them to perform their roles more efficiently

If you are looking for Smart Collaborative Robotics, Censorship is a distributor based in Wisconsin rethink robots. Founded rethink robots with the intention of providing an entirely new kind of automation manufacturers. Their job is to make robots more accessible, and to use, and practical than ever. In that they have pioneered a new class of robots safe to work side-by-side with the people, without the use of safety cage or curtains.

 Smart Collaborative Robotics
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Having one of the robot control experts will help in understanding the needs of your application. Software platform and INTERA patented control-compliant industry-leading them to move only two ways. It is to continue re-thinking to determine the category of Smart Collaborative Robotics.

Sawyer Smart Collaborative Robotics, The Flexibility and Long Reach make it ideal for tasks that are more complex

However, not all are created equal cooperative robots. Choose the robot that provides what you need now. It will be able to learn and adapt to your needs in the future, without your workflow interruption, it is essential to make sure to enjoy the best return on investment.

Sawyer is the latest addition to the family of Smart Collaborative Robotics. It offers advanced performance with increased speed. This is accuracy in greatly reduced footprint Baxter extent. Sawyer is right to 0.1mm, on and can handle a load of more than 8 pounds (4KG). Sawyer own light and maneuverable - weighs only 19KG. Flexibility and Long Reach make it ideal for tasks that are more complex, such as leaning machine, light assembly, testing and inspection.

While suitable for different disciplines, both from ships a robot with the same basic features of high performance: Arming Compatible with seven degrees of freedom, and the vision is an integral part of the unique INTERA software platform. Contact what we had one of our robot experts to assist in understanding the needs of your application.

Baxter, The low-cost Smart Collaborative Robotics

Baxter traditionally robot is safe to work and able to work on the basis of specific criteria. They are very flexible train by demonstration approach to change and changes in the environment around them are not served by these elements properly.

This Baxter Smart Collaborative Robotics has the ability with, enables a revolutionary to adapt to this situation and is smart enough to respond to the changing parameters that would allow them to continue to work as usual. This capability "smart" can distinguish this new type of robot and automation solutions for the traditional Android means that it is no longer necessary to have the exact science that makes the whole process much cheaper.

How can a robot be collaborative?

So far, most of the robots in the industry environment should be locked up for the safety of people who work around them. This is not only to protect workers, but also to keep the robot as if it where it can be moved even slightly. They will not be able to compensate for these small environmental changes and will stop work as planned.


Smart Collaborative Robotics represents a new generation of robots, where people can work together with them to achieve common goals. This relationship demonstrates the synergy as a modern power tool. This robot enable to replace workers to be more efficiently.


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