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A Brief Review on SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems that offer high scalability and flexibility for users to match to their automation needs

SIMATIC is the most popular industrial automation systems offered by Siemens. SIMATIC provides a unique and integrated system designed to the all-manufacturing applications in a wide variety of industries. SIMATIC can increase the industries productivity hand in hand improving their efficiency. SIMATIC industrial automation systems are available in the form of industrial controllers, I/O Systems, control systems, programming device and software for SIMATIC controllers.

SIMATIC helps you to increase your productivity whether your need process automation, manufacturing or innovative solutions for infrastructure tasks. SIMATIC can be a key element in your extensive range of industrial automation systems.

SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems
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SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems of PLC

SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems controllers are robust and intelligent choice for your automation tasks. The controllers available in Basic, Advanced, Distributed, and Software Controllers that all supplied with high scalability and integration. Users also enable the engineering process with Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) for the best experience of engineering process.

From the Basic to the Software Controllers, each comes with superiorities. In example the S7-1200 Basic controllers is supported for small to midsize of applications. Software Controllers enable for users crave the versatility of PC-based applications.

SIMATIC Industrial Automation I/O Systems

SIMATIC also deploys in extensive range of Siemens’s distributed I\O systems. SIMATIC I/O systems are available for control cabinets (ET 200 Systems for control cabinetes), without control cabinets (ET 200 Systems without cabinet), application in the machine and in hazardous explosive environments (I/O Systems for Heating Elements). All of the products offer flexibility to integrate into the existing PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

SIMATIC Industrial Automation Control Systems

The SIMATIC Control Systems comprise of the SIMATIC TDC PLC control system and the high-end application module FM-458-1 DP. The SIMATIC TDC PLC control system provides flexibility of configuration through STEP 7, CFC/SFC engineering tools and D7-SYS block library. The SIMATIC TDC PLC control system supplied with combinable function blocks consist of simple mathematic or logical operations.

The high-end application module FM-458-1 DP is for the enhanced processing tasks that combines high processing speed, flexibility, precision and powerful arithmetic operations ability. All of the SIMATIC Control Systems are deliver high throughput rates.

SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems Software for Controllers

With the STEP 7 extensive range (STEP 7 Basic, Professional and Options) of controller software users can configure, program, test and diagnose all of the SIMATIC PLCs or PC-based controller. The new generation of STEP 7 software controllers provides users a freedom to select from the price optimized controller software to the comprehensive software solution for programming. The integration capability and harmonized interfaces, SIMATIC software controllers allow the data consistency in the entire of engineering process.

SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems Programming Device

For the normal to the harsh industrial environments, Siemens’s offer a robust SIMATIC Field PG. A semi-ruggedized notebook comprises all programming interfaces onboard. It armed with powerful processors and fast work memory for highest performance to tackle on various engineering tasks. It comes standard with the pre-installed TIA Portal. Through the SIMATIC PG programming device, users can take benefit of the wireless technology, a through-our detail host, and high-luminance display.


For the most demanding applications in all manufacturing applications, SIMATIC industrial automation systems provide an extensive range of controllers, I/O, software controllers, and programming device. They offer high scalability and flexibility for users to match to their automation needs.


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