Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rockwell Automation Migration Solution: A Case Study Migration from Legacy Controls to Integrated Automation Solution

Head to the integrated automation system from the legacy controls can be a nightmare with number of potential risk. Through a case of study conveyed by Rockwell Automation migration solution, we try to sums it back as for further learning on the successful pace made by Datastor Systems Ltd on helping a leading British manufacturer of monogastric compound feed, ABN on enhancing the ABN operating facilities becomes more efficient by applying automation as an integral part of its plans.

ABN is the company focuses on providing products and complementary Rockwell Automation migration solution to the pig and poultry livestock industries. Factory activities involving grinding, pressing, blending and bagging process that demand high precision control. In short, enhancements was required to improve the factory’s entire producing process and result quality level demanded by both ABN and its customer base.

Rockwell Automation migration solution

The issue leaked after ABN reviewed its network capabilities and Rockwell Automation migration solution products, which drew into first symptom that the equipment was show its age in the case of obsolescence and performance. ABN decided to call upon Rockwell Automation Recognized System Integrator, Datastor Systems Ltd for support. Datastor System Ltd has specialty in the industrial automation and has mutual supportive relationship with the Rockwell Automation distributors and sales. The evaluation and appraisal has been made by Datastor which suggested for ABN to make a system migration.

The challenge emerged is as below:

Rockwell Automation Migration Solution Challenge

One biggest challenge faced by Datastor System Ltd was the development of an effective and efficient Rockwell Automation migration solution strategy, which comprised of the phasing of the obsolete system over to the new infrastructure model. Before making final switchover, Datastor had to find a robust and effective migration solution and the brilliant solutions could be obtained from the Rockwell Automation, which has been successfully deployed in a wide variety of industries in multiple countries across the world, with the hope that the team could remove hard work form the project.

Finally, the large Rockwell Automation migration solution at ABN accomplished over four weekend shutdowns with phases of core network replacement, multiple controller changes, and the application of SCADA solution over new PCs programmable automation controllers (PAC). The decision made as the Datastor understood that ABN had deployed PLC-5 since 1989, and just like many older automation products, Datastor decided to change the PLC-5 with the new system and technologies.

Rockwell Automation Migration Solution and Result

Rockwell Automation migration solution Datastor applied Allen-Bradley 1771 to 1756 IO Swing-arm conversion system on maintaining the current PLC-5 I/O to be used, thus minimizing the need of new electrical wiring. It results it provided a much reduced cost to the client. It required less changeover of the wiring by reusing of the existing backplanes and terminals.

Another obsolete peripheral was also the SLC-5/04 controllers required in the grinding and blending areas. The controllers leaved intact, but along with the new addition of the new ControlLogic PAC. These modules provide an Ethernet link back to the main ControlLogix PAC and maintain the SLC I/O as remote I/O. As the primary communication protocol, Datastor picked up the EtherNet/IP that enables users to remote maintenance and monitoring. The result of the new structure and automation systems they can delivers more simple Rockwell Automation migration solution system with improved productivity, economic performance and sustainability.


In this case study, with the Rockwell Automation migration solutions, the process of elevating and enhancing industrial automation systems become easier. The subtle benefits are including the reduced time and cost with less risk associated to the rewiring solution.


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