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The First Robotic CNC System Developed by Technical Plant Service (TPS) for Aluminum Extrusion Industry to increase the performance and productivity

The good news came from Melbourne, Australia when the Technical Plant Services (TPS) introduced a new first robotics technology of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) system. The case study exposed by Rockwell Automation on their website. Robotic CNC machining systems boast the advanced technology and engineering in providing an effective solution to the more improved and more flexible manufacturing with ability to reduce cycle times and cost for the client.

In this study case, the Technical Plant Service (TPS) incorporates Rockwell Automation advanced motion controls and drives in providing the first world robotic CNC systems for the aluminum extrusion industry.

first robotic CNC system
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A Brief History of the first robotic CNC system Invention

The entire first robotic CNC system story began when TPS was contracted to provide a machining cell solution for a client in the aluminum extrusion industry in 2015. After an extensive simulation, brainstorming and proof of concept testing and finally TPS was founded in 2007 and has served various industries, focusing on safety system design, technical support, electrical engineering and automation.

On developing the robotic CNC system, then the NHP Electrical Engineering (Rockwell Automation Authorized Distributor) was commissioned to provide engineering design, technical support and product assistance. Finally, all of the selected appropriate hardware are supplied by the Rockwell Automation. It comes with reason as the Rockwell Automation is the leading solution provider that known for their knowledge, expertise and technologies.

Based on that, then the Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive and accessories was implemented. For the final cut to length saw system, then the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix was applied as an integrating standard and motion controller. To deploy the requirements of the cut off saw, Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 753 taken for integration into the CompactLogix controller.

Finally, the first robotic CNC system can provides perfect yield on improving productivity and performance. Robotic CNC system is also beneficial to decrease the machining time and reduce cost.

As another biggest challenge to the process of the development is the network configuration, this project also takes benefit of five communication protocols designed specifically by Rockwell Automation to make better communication and integration system of the various products used.

The Benefits of Robotic CNC System in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry

One key to the first robotic CNC system in this case is the benefit of the Rockwell Automation Drives and Motion Accelerator toolkit, which can reduce programming time and provide seamless integration and commissioning. Using Rockwell Automation network controllers, then multiple networks were supported and can be easily configured. This automation solution also provided extensive machining reach, faster idle movements, 3D capabilities and a larger envelope. All of them automatically increased the performance and productivity.


The first robotic CNC system was an outstanding breakthrough developed by TPS supported by the extensive range of smart servo system and drive provided by Rockwell Automation. Robotic CNC System is firstly introduced with full function and operation in the for aluminum extrusion industry to make automatically increased the performance and productivity.


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