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METTLER TOLEDO Electronic Weighing Scales for word-class balances, scales and services to various industries spanning

Electronic weighing scales provide high degree of precision result for an extensive range of applications from the analytical purpose to the bulk weighing such as in industrial applications. Electronic weighing scales are now much more popular to their mechanics counterparts, because of their versatility, great design and simple to operate with precise results of weighing.

METTLER TOLEDO is the leading market balances and weighing scales manufacturer with their brands global presence with over 100 years of precision and analytical product enhancement. METTLER TOLEDO provides word-class balances, scales and services to various industries spanning from engineering, pharmaceutical, transportation to the manufacturing industries.

electronic weighing scales
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There are wide array of balances and electronic weighing scales as explain below:

Electronic weighing scales Analytical Balances

High demands on the laboratory test and development requires a high-degree of analytical balance. METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide array of analytical balances in different style and functions with outstanding features and technologies advent. All combined Electronic weighing scales features are including reliability, performance and user benefits. One of the sorts, is the XPE analytical balances that equipped with unique performance StaticDetect and static elimination technology that give users the highly repeatable results. The model also features Touchless Operation taking benefit of SmartSens sensors that allow you to operate the balance with the wave of a hand.

Electronic weighing scales Micro & Ultra Micro Balances

In this category, METTLER TOLEDO Electronic weighing scales has solutions for wide array of micro and ultra microbalances. The entire product offers outstanding technical specification with maximum user comfort. You can find the ultimate balance for smallest sample size down to 0.0000001g and micro-analytical balances with higher capacity for dosing. XP Micro and Ultra-microbalances comes with the lowest minimum weight balances on the market. XPR Micro and Ultra-Microbalances perform outstanding to give you smallest samples.

Electronic weighing scales Precision Balances

For the most reliable and high-precision weighing, Electronic weighing scales METTLER TOLEDO also has many types of precision balances for use in the lab and under harsh industrial conditions. One outstanding innovation is the PL-E Portable Balances that offers versatility of go-anywhere weighing. PL-E portable precision balances are suitable for the requirements that involve weighing on high mobility.

Electronic weighing scales Bench & Compact Scales

Bench and compact scales is widely used for in many weighing environments rated from small to the big weighing applications. METTLER TOLEDO compact scales comprise counting scales, paint-mixing scales, bench scales and industrial basic scales.

Electronic weighing scales Floor Scales

METTLER TOLEDO floor scales aimed for a wide variety of heavy-duty weighing purpose in the transportation and industrial environments. For a floor scale, you can find the high-precision floor scales, dry/mild floor scales, floor scales for wet use and floor scales for special constructions. In addition, there are also sorts of pallet, pallet truck and mobile scales with advanced technology.

Truck Scales and Weighbridges

In this segment, METTLER TOLEDO doesn’t only provide a complete range of truck scales and weighbridges. METTLER TOLEDO also offers an extensive range of components and accessories designed to increase the capabilities of your scales. Truck scale upgrades service is also available if you want add such of latest vehicle weighing technology to reduce problems and extend your scale life.


Through an extensive range of scales, balances and service, METTLER TOLEDO is a great partner that makes your weighing activity becomes more reliable to provide word-class balances, scales and services to various industries spanning. All the products equipped with latest technologies advancement in order to output sort of unparalleled balances and scales.


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