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Era for The New Robot Industrial Automation; An Aproacing To The Benefits and The Issues Around It

New robot industrial automation is sample that factories and industries has been in search of better way in production and and business process .Within several years till this time being, the automation solution development in many department and industrial field has become an upper hands for the people in industries to increasing the level in productivity.

Due to that fact, industrial practitioner should know that there are lot of the new robot industrial automation which change the model in their business process by not only involved the human resources but also the robot as known as the co-bot. Co-bots, also known as the collaborative robots, has been developed for the factories kindness which is also as the parts of the automation solution system. Here in this article we would go further more with that co-bots, with an approaching to the benefits and the issues around the factory applications.

Co-bot new robot industrial automation

The Upper Hands, New Robot Industrial Automation Co-bots does not Came As Worker Competitor

1970 and 1980’s was known as the big wave for the new robot industrial automation solution. It change the global industrial face in case of the production belonging. Lateraly the industries comes with a biggest wave of human againts the machine issues. It was grant the era that remarkable bigest change in the industrial field and also the human resources issues.

What kind of new robot industrial automation issues there? It was known as the end of unskillfull human resources matter, and change with controlable machine which run the process automaticly. And so happen again now, the industrial intention to up the value in all sector of the industrial product as become opposite with the cost that has to press to lowest level. By the fact it become the mass act to cut the human resources number or worker in the industrial field.

Here are the new robot industrial automation co-bots benefits that could be a “friendly partner” for the human workers.

1. New robot industrial automation System And New Jobs Opportunities

    New robot industrial automation Co-bots designed and create as the human workers partners, on the other hand co-bots would always need asistancies also the programs by the human. It means that would be more oportunities inside the industrial job various.

2. New robot industrial automation Help Increasing Productivity and Workers Experience

    Robots, would be a robot. Even if several atificial inteligence has embeded inside their processor. It happen with the co-bots too, they were design and created as the human worker helper, designed by human for the human kindness. Even the manufacture has been change to the robotic systems, as the parts of the automation solution it can change or elaborate the human workers presenting.

It was happen before and it happen again. Now the issues has come around the new robot industrial automation co-bot. Data came from International Federation of Robotic, around 1,4 million co-bot would be used and added to the factory. That was a big number that enough as the trigger around the human worker. But become panic is contra productive, becaues co-bots has not created to become the human worker competitor in the field of industrial sector.


New robot industrial automation Co-bots or collaborative robots has been used wider from time after time. In 2019 from the data would be millions co-bots would be apply and installed to help the people in factories and manufacture fields. Some of human workers has been worried with the co-bot presents, but it just to much, as the fact co-bots create as the human uper hands or human helper not human competitor.


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