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What Is Industrial Automation, Their Types and Advantages

What is industrial automation should be understood well in this globalization era. The advancement of technology in general applications go hand in hand with the development of the industrial process and manufacturing through automated devices. One major reason of the industries relying on the automated device is subtle that to increase the whole production process to output quality product, reducing cost, maintain reliability of the production and increase efficiency. To facilitate of those challenges only can be solved with the advent of the industrial automation.

industrial automation

What is Industrial Automation?

Simply speaking, what is industrial automation is the reverse of the mechanization where the processes depend on the human decision making to operate particular task using powered machinery. Automation replaces human role and gives charge to the computers and machine to operate particular tasks using logical programming commands and various machineries.

We can define for industrial automation as the use of set of technologies and automatic control devices to operate and control industrial processes by reducing the human role and intervention. The goal is to achieve better industrial processes performance than manual control. In the field application, industrial automation takes benefit of using automation devices such as PACs, PLCs, PCs, I/O device, various types of industrial communication systems, and others.

Advantages of Industrial Automation

After you unsertodd well about what is industrial automation, then you have to know about why industrial or manufacturing process should improve industrial automation. There are at least five reasons to apply the automation system.

1. To increase productivity
Automation gives subtle benefit to improve production rate through an improved control of production. Automation system helps factory or manufacturing process to increase their mass production by reducing assembly time per-product with constant product output quality.

2. To improve product quality
One drawback on the manual process is the human error. With the automation system, factories can reduce human intervention and maintain uniformity as well as product quality.

3. To reduce operating cost
Factories can make smart system integration with automation system, so they can minimizes cycle time, and reduce numbers of labor. At the same time, they can save investment on employees with automation.

4. To reduce manual checking
Automation completely minimizes the requirement for manual checking by taking benefit of automation technologies using smart checking automatic system.

5. Increasing safety level
With automation system, factories can eliminate human role completely to work in risky and hazardous environments.

Types of Industrial Automation System

There are three types of industrial automation system. The first is the fixed automation. Fixed automation uses special dedicated equipment to automate fixed sequence processing or assembling operations. This type generally aimed to perform repetitive and fixed operations to gain high production rates within a factory.

The second type is the programmable automation. It allows operators to make modification of control program in the automated equipment. It mostly applied for batch production processes with medium to high product volume.

The last type is the flexible or soft automation. This kind provides a great flexibility for making changes in the product design through automatic control equipment. Operators can easily changes the design by performing different commands with codes.


The industrial automation system required several types and specification of automation devices and control depending on which the devices used in particular condition and what is industrial automation applicated. In instance, the power plant use different systems and environment can also influence to the complexity of the automation devices system.


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