Thursday, December 8, 2016

MELPRO Mitsubishi Protection Relays A Small Device Give Precission And Reliabiity, Products Specification and Beneficial Aspects

Mitsubishi Protection Relays is part of advancing the industrial field technology. It has been developed for several years ago, and there are so many models and device which is need by the industrial field in case of automation solution aspect. One of the device which small but have very important function called protection relays which is needed to trip the circuit breaker. It was some kind of device which belonging together with the automation solution system in the meaning of safety and over maximum capacity in case of failure aspect in which of operational case.

Due to the fact, there are so many companies and automation developer which developed protection relay for the industrial kindeness world widely. One of the biggest named was Mitsubishi Protection Relay which produced more than single best model of protection relay so can be adapted and used for the kindness of industries.

Mitsubishi Protection Relays

There are at least three model of protection relays which made by Mitsubishi, it was called and knowingly at the market of the industrial automation solution with such of name; MELPRO A Series, MELPRO D Series, and MELPRO S Series. Every single mitsubishi protection relay has been created by whom dedicated their life for the industrial automation solution product. Here in this article we would go further more with every kind of those protection relays.

MELPRO SERIES, A Protection Relays From Mitsubishi For Reliability In Automation Solution Aspect

Tired with kind of protection relays which can’t bring precision aspect while operating. Mitsubishi protection relays, which caled with MELPRO Series has been designed as an answer. Its a highly result from gaining year of knowledge and passion in producing best model of Protection Relays, MELPRO Series was try to achieve the highly things in operational aspect. Here it was the every MELPRO Series acknowledgement and beneficial aproach.

1. MELPRO A Series, Reliability In Small Things

    The distributor power facilities was kind of big things which arranging with big and complicated automation solution models. It was so much hard to imagine if those facilities was out of control and less safety. MELPRO A Series Mitsubishi Protection Relays has been designed and created to ensure those factor. From the overcurrent relay until Earth Fault overvoltage relay, all big purposes in compact size.

2. MELPRO D Series, Strong And Capabilities For The Distribution Power Automation

    Sometimes the compact is the best model. There are so many ideas for the industrial automation solution especially for the safety aspect that come up with MELPRO D Series Mitsubishi Protection Relays. Once it was installed to entirely industrial automation solution it would give protection from high voltage that can brokes the sytems.

3. MELPRO S Series, Best For Solar Generator Facilities

    By the time now the industries was in search for the energy resources itself. There are so many industrial field that need the energy supply, for example to create the arc reactor or solar panel to bring the eletricity. Due to the fact, the protection relays has become small but important parts which is can be used to solar generator facilitaties one of great named was MELPRO S Series.

The era of automation solution has bring many developer especially in the field of safety awareness. One of the way to reach that was used the protection relays to bring better and greated aspect in safety ideas. And Mitsubishi was offered the best model of Mitsubishi Protection Relays.


By the time as the effect of the industrial development, people wants better way of working. In case of safety guarantee. Mitsubishi has been created the protection relays which is made and design especially in case of safety. And more it wasnt only single model there are at least three models which was designing of Mitsubishis Protection Relays.


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