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OMRON Industrial Automation Product and Development help to achieve excellence in the industry by thinking of new ideas and make it real

OMRON Industrial Automation serves as a partner to assist in the creation of manufacturing worldwide. Through their expertise in sensing and control technology, they are enabling manufacturers to work with increased productivity and streamlined efficiency. Stand OMRON Industrial Automation business to make innovation happen.

Omron do this industrial automation to explore new possibilities and to encourage you to bring your ideas to life through responsible manufacturing. They work across the enterprise from the R & D, through the factory floor, with continuing service and support functions to bring you the latest ideas in remote sensing and control technology that allows you to work faster, more efficient and smarter than your competitors.


The development OMRON Industrial Automation Facilities to meet the needs of the customers

OMRON Industrial Automation group continues to achieve further progress the core competencies of the group OMRON in all automation fields such as remote sensing techniques and control to help customers achieve new innovation in the field of manufacturing. The development of their systems is in place to meet the needs of the customers as below:

1. OMRON Industrial Automation Production
All OMRON Industrial Automation products approach to the art of making things in the OMRON IA, they provide what is needed, when needed, only in the quantities needed. They have implemented a variety of innovative production to respond the customers' needs through a lot of small production models.

2. OMRON Industrial Automation Sales
Omron has for about 150 offices sales network in 40 countries / regions worldwide to provide strong support for the activities of the globalization of our customers. They do not offer a wide range of control equipment, but also comprehensive support for each stage of the process of making it, from development and production to maintenance support network. It is given the contact information for each country under the World Wide Web.

3. OMRON Industrial Automation Distribution
OMRON IA provides products to customers through five global distribution centers are located in Japan, China, the Netherlands, and the United States, and Singapore. The factory uses the FMI (management of factory inventory) original system to maintain appropriate inventory to sales department levels, along with leading companies and SCM (supply) chain management to respond to the demands of our customers with the delivery the same day.

OMRON Industrial Automation Products

OMRON Industrial Automation offers some products, those are:

1. OMRON Industrial Automation Sensor
OMRON sensors detect and measure, analyze and process changes that occur at the production site component, such as a change in position, height, length, displacement, and appearance. They also contribute to predict and prevent their recurrence in the future.

2. OMRON Industrial Automation Switches
OMRON provides basic switches that operate when a particular site and just keys pressing a button and run by people object up.

3. OMRON Industrial Automation Safety Component
Safety Components are for safety countermeasures in equipment and facilities to counter security system in equipment and facilities security elements. They are used to detect the gradual close of mechanical guard, checking infiltration into dangerous areas and the safety circuits of the building. There are many other products from OMRON beside the above three things.


OMRON Industrial Automation strives to be your reliable partner in the field of automation, providing you with the support you need to operate on a global scale. Omron help to achieve excellence in the industry by thinking of new ideas and make it real.


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