Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Industrial Automation Benefits from increasing Productivity to Safety Advantages

There are many Industrial Automation Benefits can be taken as the answer of rapid advances in technology, the system industry, plant machinery, and also testing facilities. For many years ago, The System Mechanic need for a human to work manually operate machinery interference.

Today, Industrial automation was driven by the new control technologies, develop to be more efficiently handled by controls automation computerized for high accuracy and quality, and industry processes. Automation performance is a step beyond mechanization that makes use of the device's ability to control high manufacturing or production process more efficient.

Industrial Robots

What is industrial automation and benefits can be taken from it?

Before we talk about Industrial Automation Benefits, we also have to know about what is industrial automation. The word "automation" comes from the ancient Greek word for cars (meaning himself) Matos (mean moving). Thus, the mechanism to move by it or herself dictated called automation.

Compared with the manual system, industrial automation system provides superior benefits in terms of accuracy, power and speed of the process performance. Industrial automation is the use of control devices such as PC / PLC / PAC and the other for the control of industrial processes and machines by replacing as much as possible intervention work and automated assembly operations with the gravity.

Improve labor productivity and product quality is one of industrial automation benefits

We live in an environment that challenged the very competitive business. The industry or words other manufacturers should meet the standards of the latest energy-efficient and provide a strong security levels, etc. All of those at least give us some Industrial Automation Benefits as below:

1. Industrial Automation provides benefits to improve labor productivity

    Industrial Automation increases the rate of production to achieve greater results for specific input from work. It is impossible for human workers to work long hours without any loss of accuracy. On the other hand, without sacrificing accuracy, the system can automatically control the work hours.

2. Improve the quality of products is one of Industrial Automation benefits

    One of the main benefits of automation is that the decline in the level of disability part. By manual operation of the manufacturing process, there may be a compromise on the quality of the product specification solution. But Industrial Automation Benefits system performs operations with greater compatibility and consistency in quality specifications.

3. Reduce labor or production costs make industrial automation more competitive

    Automated systems help the industry to save a lot in the long term to replace the automatic machines in humans in the workplace so as to reduce the unit cost of production. Automation equipment or seamlessly unified 24 × 7 not only increase productivity, but also, and thus lead to an excellent return on investment by saving on salaries and labor costs, pensions and the cost to the employee. This automated system also reduces the shortage in the labor force by replacing the automatic process in the workplace.


That’s all the review about Industrial Automation Benefits. In addition mention above, It is enable improving safety as basic benefits of Industrial Automation. Through the implementation of the automated system, the job safer is moving workers from site to participate effectively in the process of supervisory role. Automatic machine can operate in harsh environments other hazardous environments.


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