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Omron IPC Machine Controller PC Platform NY-Series, The Best Machine Controller to elevate the productivity and catch reliability and robustness

Omron IPC machine controller NY-Series is the form of perfect fusion between popular Omron’s Sysmac machine control and IT technology designed specifically for machine usage. The fuse forms a new shape of innovative and reliable IP Machine Controller. It takes the benefit of the utility and precision of Sysmac platform and draws the versatility of Windows program. These two platforms work simultaneously but with separate process. Therefore, if the Windows is down, the machine keeps running.

In some occasion users will suffered from the challenge on occupying both platform when work together. Normally, they could combine it using full virtualization. However, in most cases, it would influence the machine control. The finest solution for the case is using the partitioning system so both Omron IPC Machine Controller operating systems can work independently. This is why, even when the Windows is down, the machine is not influenced.

Omron IPC Machine Controller

Omron IPC Machine Controller combine natural User Interface, and Internet of Things initiatives to catch reliability and robustness

The yield of the combination is awesome that the engineers can continuously explore the manufacturing development and innovation by seizing big data, natural User Interface, and Internet of Things initiatives. All of the process accompanied with the PLC reliability and robustness.

Omron IPC Machine Controller is one of the best-designed Industrial Box PC in the world along with IDEA and iF award. It awarded in the Red Dot design in 1955. In 2016, the machine controller was awarded the Red Dot one more time.

Producst Specification and Types of Omron IPC Machine Controller NY-Series

For your better convenience, learn more about products specification and types of Omron IPC Machine Controller as below:

Industrial PC

The IT technology provided from the fourth-gen of Intel Core i7 with four core/8 threads. The PC includes Windows Embedded Standard 7. This open OS enables operators and users to install other software. The PC also comes standard with Ethernet port for easy access to their IT systems.

Machine Controller

IPC Machine Controller NY-Series has a built-in Sysmac Machine Control with axes of motion control ranging from 16 to 64. Standard communication devices are including EtherNet/IP port for HMI communication or machine-to-machine communication. It also provided with EtherCAT port for more advanced synchronized slaves. The safety system provided through EtherCAT – FsoE.

Sysmac Studio

Omron’s Sysmac Studio provides easy integration to the software environment through a single tool for logic sequence, safety, motion, robotics, HMI, vision, and database connection. It already meets to the Open Standard IEC 61131-3. Sysmac Studio is known for its rich library system that configurable to optimize engineering time and machine in real time.

The Benefits of Sysmac Integrated Platform

The Sysmac machine controller integrates motion, I/O, Safety, Vision, sensor, visualization (HMI) and industrial monitor visualization. The vertical integration (to the motion, I/O, safety and vision) delivers data from manufacturing process directly to IT systems. In the opposite hand, the controller also provides integration to the visualization (NA HMI) and controller like NX7. This is for the complete solution for the data management within industry to be recorded, stored and analyzed to improve the whole of productivity. Furthermore, coupled with EtherCAT connectivity, it will simplify the installation of production safety and module devices.


Omron’s IPC Machine Controller PC Platform NY-Series is the world-class machine controllers provide the superiority of IT technology along with the outstanding Sysmac machine controller. In result, they can work independently and simultaneously to elevate the productivity and catch excellent process accompanied with the PLC reliability and robustness


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