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Product Specification and Benefits of Omron Machine Automation Controllers NX Series for the humans and machines perfect integration

Omron Machine Automation Controllers NX Series is a robust machine automation controller that offers flexibility, speed and scalability of software centric architecture. NX Series is based on the Omron’s Sysmac system – a fully integrated automation platform that provides a complete control solution and outstanding management system for your smart automation plant. On its heart of this platform is the Machine Controller designed to meet all condition of machine control requisites in terms of motion control speed, communication, security, accuracy, and robust system.

The Omron Machine Automation Controllers series also offers synchronous control of all machine devices and advanced functionality like motion, robotics, and database connectivity. This specification allows you to facilitate solution architecture, optimize productivity and reduce programming.

Omron Machine Automation Controllers

The Features and Benefits of Omron Machine Automation Controllers NX Series

Omron Machine Automation Controllers Upscale CPU Unit

NX Series Omron Machine Automation Controllers comes with the new generation of the core unit, NX701. It built based on the Intel-core i7 processor that proven for its speed and smooth cam motion. With complete integration of motion and logic the controller provides a blistering speed on collecting position, displacement, and tension information from the sensors. Of course, it will be very beneficial for a quick and easy fed back to the motion control.

Omron Machine Automation Controllers Sysmac Studio Integrated Software

NX Series Omron Machine Automation Controllers provides one-software that integrates safety, robotics, vision, information, networking motion, logic and visualization under one software called by Sysmac Studio. This concept makes you have complete control over your automation system. The graphics-oriented configuration provides the simplest way to setup the controller, field devices and networks.

Omron Machine Automation Controllers High-Speed Connectivity

NX Series Omron Machine Automation Controllers has built-in EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP. The EtherCAT is a perfect machine control that uses standard STP Ethernet cable RJ45 connectors. While the Ethernet is for factory automation for peer-to-peer communication with array of database connection including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, MySQL and Firebird. The Ethernet connection supports FTP server for more advanced applications. Both networks can be configured with one connection for perfect match between fast real time machine control and data plat management.

Integrated Safety into Omron Machine Automation Controllers

The Sysmac platform provides high-degree of safety solution as it provide through one connection and one software principle. The secure one connection can be obtained through the application of EtherCAT-FSoE protocol. The one software achieved with the use of Sysmac Studio for maintenance, configuration and programming. The NX Series safety system comprises of safety controller and safety I/O. Both units are freely to be distributed in an I/O rack along the network. Users can mix them in any combination with standard NX I/O.


NX Series is the new Omron Machine Automation Controllers designed to meet high demand and extreme machine control requisites in the case of motion control, accuracy and speed. The controller even makes the machine in your industry more sophisticated that aimed for the humans and machines perfect integration. The motion control is integrated within the IDE and operating in real-time.


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