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The Benefits and Products features of Schneider Electric Foxboro SCADA RTUs for faster, cost-effective and efficient process automation

Under the Foxboro labels, Schneider offers excellent Schneider Foxboro SCADA RTUs remote communications for faster, cost-effective and efficient process automation. The RTUs provided with modular construction, long-list features, reliable configuration and operation for various demanding applications. There are two major remote terminal units (RTUs): The Foxboro SCD2200 and Foxboro Evo SCD6000. Both of RTUs are applicable for long-distance and high-integrity communications in the process of automation. The modular construction is another benefit that is adaptable to individual site needs.

Both of the Schneider Foxboro SCADA RTUs are eligible for advanced configuration and programming environments to increase applications engineering productivity.

Schneider Foxboro SCADA RTU

Schneider Foxboro SCD2200 and Evo SCD6000 SCADA RTUs, integrate with multiple remote master control centers for remote measurement applications

The Foxboro SCD2200 is an advanced modular RTU for the multiple redundant communications and rack configurations. Its smart design suited to nowadays measurement and control systems. It gives answer to the most technical issues prone to the traditional RTU, which has very limited in use. The Foxboro SCD2200 provides advanced usability and capabilities, open programming and IP connectivity for a broad range of remote measurement and control applications.

The second model, the Foxboro Evo SCD6000 is a multi-nodal RTU that provides data integration, programming capabilities and time synchronization. It comes with primary slave interfaces that provided with DNP3 Slave including TCP/IP and serial and IEC 61850 client protocols. Then the IEC 61850 client protocols used by the SCD6000 IEC 61850 gateways to integrate with multiple remote master control centers.

The advanced configuration for both Foxboro SCD2200 and Foxboro Evo SCD6000 can be achieved with Fox Station (Foxboro Evo SCD6000) and FoxRTU Station (Foxboro SCD2200).

Features and Benefits of Schneider Foxboro SCADA RTUs

All of the Schneider Electric Foxboro advanced RTUs are has main benefits as follows:

- Easy installation, easy expansion, upgrade and repair

- Faster design and configuration that reduce third-party integration issues

- All of the configuration and design all together minimizes project risk

- High reliability operation with smaller footprint that significantly save operating cost

Beside mentioned benefits above, both Schneider Foxboro SCADA RTUs has alluring features as follows:

- The modular construction delivers a super practical design that fit to all individual site requirements.

- Advanced Input/Output capabilities for cost savings and flexibility with easy installation to provide battery charger control plus loop power and low power overhead

- Fast, powerful, and easy-to-use configuration environments with common external power supply for multiple CPU systems

- Compact powered backplane for smaller and less costly rang e of I/O designs that makes expandable, upgradable, and easy to repair without need of reengineering and recommissioning power systems

- Applications intelligence with highly scalable I/O and reliable operation over wide temperature and electrical noise ranges

Schneider Foxboro SCADA RTUs Applications

The common applications of the Schneider Foxboro SCADA RTUs found in the mining, oil and gas, and power. In the application in oil and gas are including transportation, power-related gas turbine generation and production. The scopes in the power plant are including utilities, grid networks, smart grid infrastructure development and substation automation.


Schneider Electric’s Foxboro SCD2200 and Foxboro Evo SCD6000 provide a wide range of applications to increase the SCADA remote communications capabilities. The long list of features and versatile configuration make it easy to fit to the individual site requirements and needs for for faster, cost-effective and efficient process automation


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