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Alpha and IMD checkweigher IXL series, The Best Checkweigher Machine Models for heavy check the packaging of products

Alpha Checkweigher Machine specializes in the X-Ray inspection manufacture systems, comprehensive range of online, the production of heavy equipment and weight control. Flexibility is the Alpha Force benefits which is checkweighers have to be modified to deal with almost any package, bags, cans, boxes and bottles. Those are available for the fastest delivery in the industry standard models.

Alpha Checkweigher Machine never move away an opportunity to install the credibility, quality tools, regardless of the environment. System integration is very simple to Alpha given the relative production of all-packing and symbolic line. In addition, integration with the metal detector OEM is a common and highly recommended when building a production line in terms of quality and security held in high regard.

Checkweigher Machine
Image by Alpha Checkweighers {link to}

Checkweigher Machine Models, choose the best type based on your needs

Checkweigher Machine has many models. Here is some of Checkweigher Machine model you can chose based on your needs:

1. Checkweigher Machine Model EW-8
EW-8 model is an economical solution alpha Checkweigher users and applications that may be new or unfamiliar with the advantages of checkweighing to fill existing or new, eat, inspection, or packing line and other packaging. Based on the field proven line of alpha Checkweighers, EW-8 offers the same flexibility as other models, and reliability thousand.

2. Checkweigher Machine Model PW-12
It redesigned really alpha PW powered -12-heavy table series reliable checkweighe. Checkweigher Machine solutions offer accurate bags, soft containers by up to 8 pounds (3.63 kg), the new model PW -12 consists of a pressure gauge versatile load cell, Cerebus fourth control with operator interface touch screen, and the steel frame is stainless steel and rugged. Constantly carrier constant and accurate weighing scale belt pack and move.

3. Checkweigher Machine HP-14 model
Checkweigher Machine HP offers many standard features, including compensation of power and weight of the electromagnetic technology, air blast or rejects the piston device series. Alfa HP-14 is ideal for accurately weigh packages and containers up to 4 pounds, 12 inches long and 8 inches wide. It can operate at speeds of up to 300 packages per minute with an accuracy of + - 0.100 grams.

4. Checkweigher Machine Model CW-10
CW-10 Checkweigher Machine Alfa model is the low cost, economical solution for fast, accurate checkweighing applications. In a simplified, modular provides rigidity and durability for demanding production environments to achieve significant savings design, with no compromise in accuracy or reliability of weight.

IMD checkweigher IXL series, The suitable Checkweigher Machine for heavy check the packaging of products

checkweigher IMD-IXL series
Image by techik {link to}

IMD checkweigher IXL series is suitable Checkweigher Machine for heavy check the packaging of products, to ensure quality standards. IMD checkweigher IXL series has some advantages, those are:

1. High-speed, high sensitivity, high dynamic body check stability

2. Accurately and effectively rejecting system

3. Professional design and man-machine interface

4. Easy to use features

5. Craft at the highest level, mechanical design professionals

6. Ability to adapt and good environmental stability

7. User parameter settings summary


Checkweigher Machine Models mentioned above are the options you can choose to get result accuracy products. Accuracy will be affected, according to the speed of detection and the weight of the product. Detected speed above will be affected according to the size of the product to be inspected. It can meet the requirements of different sizes by the customer.


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