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Rockwell Automation Integrated Safety Solution, Challenge and Solution for Automative Industries

Rockwell Automation Integrated Safety Solution consists of several applications in the factory. Allen Bradley Guard Logix with I / O modules for Ethernet I / P help to maximize process. Kia Motors Corporation (KMC) was founded in 1944 and the oldest manufacturers of cars in Korea is one of example applied this system.


As part of the Hyundai Automotive Group, Kia aims to become one of the world's leading automotive brands. To increase market share not only in Europe, but also worldwide, KMC built the first European facility in Zilina, in Slovakia, and production began in December 2006 with a capacity of 300,000 units annually.

Rockwell Automation Integrated Safety Solution Challenge in the Automotive Industries

As a car companies, improving the manufacturing process has become more important than ever, to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. KMS required a Rockwell Automation Integrated Safety Solution where information and devices connected seamlessly with each other.

Body Shop kilometers and operates with Control Logix and Compact Logix contact with the full body line (BC) assembling all moving parts, with manual labor by 20 workers. But frequent breakdowns make inefficient of productions.

Rockwell Automation Integrated Safety Solution on the basis of the relay controls has a long history in helping to prevent serious clashes between workers and machines. Safety devices such as scanners and press the stop button in emergency situations connected to the safety relay have become the preferred method to protect machine operators. For this reason, given the critical situation, the victims of an alternative Rockwell Automation Integrated Safety Solution visualization and higher reliability and flexibility of the current system of follow up is required in the KMS.

Rockwell Automation Integrated Safety Solution Offer security solutions with visualization and increased reliability

Looking for a solution to meet the need for integrated security solutions with visualization and increased reliability, switched kilometers Rockwell Automation offers a trusted supplier for many of the operations since the beginning of the production plant.

Rockwell Automation Integrated Safety Solution proposed a safety system comprising programmable controller that relate to the safety and networks. Safety controller, instead of traditional safety relays, helps customers to create both lean manufacturing processes and adapt quickly which helps to keep the operator safe.

Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Guard Logix offers Rockwell Automation Integrated Safety Solution controller, which expands on the standard Allen Bradley ControlLogix processors with safety firmware and safety processor. The safety of a remote I / was added O modules and is connected to an Ethernet network / P and visualization. All functions, including programming and installation, and offers from Rockwell Automation Customer Support and Maintenance Team (CSM).


Rockwell Automation Integrated Safety Solution has many backgrouds in the past. It run well by transferring to the Palestinian Legislative Council, the safety of the relay-based solution, KMS now has a flexible line with high reliability. A flexible platform reduces maintenance and troubleshooting, while helping to safety as required. Roght now, it is enable to expand the application of the concept of integrated safety to other lines in the structures and the press.


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