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Food Inspection Equipment Types and Benefits with X-Ray Inspection System HD

There are more than 7,000 Food Inspection Equipment systems installed and completed with X-ray yet. X-ray inspection systems ANRITSU built with a commitment to safety and the detection of a high degree of accuracy. ANRITSU Ultra technology installed in our devices can detect contaminants even more accurate - 0.2 mm ball ferrous and non-ferrous and stainless steel on the production line speed. At the same time, ANRITSU HD detects small metallic contaminants such as 0.4 mm in diameter and 1.0 mm systems to 2.0 mm diameter glass and stone.

Food Inspection Equipment
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Food Inspection Equipment Types

There are some of Food Inspection Equipments you can choose, those are as below:

1. New life XR75 advanced technology Long for reliability in the food safety inspections
When it comes to accuracy and reliability in the food safety inspections, XR75 series are the cream of the crop. So make efficient food inspections for all products at lower energy levels, which led to the actual cost of ownership reduction.

2. High-definition standard X-ray inspection system for the different types of packaging products
Flexibility is the decisive factor in the Food Inspection Equipment KD74 series. This detection technology has a proven track record and according to the different types of packaging products. X-ray technology line has nine different models that can measure the size of different products, including: Product size: 240 mm × 120 mm, Product size: 390 mm × 150 mm, and Product size: 390 mm × 220 mm.

3. X-ray inspection system XR74e for better packaging inspection systems
For more than 50 years, ANRITSU, a global technology leader. It has been designed for the precision engineering industry, food, pharmaceutical and packaging inspection systems. All over the world, we offer a return on investment while ensuring your company according to the most stringent HACCP program. As a supplier one source, any other company cannot provide the best support and the expertise and technology to detect contaminants and Inspection Product Safety in your product.

The benefits of high resolution X-ray Food Inspection Equipment

KD74- H series consist of high-energy Food Inspection Equipment of high sensitivity and high accuracy. This can be food inspection on hard and soft contaminants. It must be all the elements packages to continue through this food safety inspection, and can include such things as the whole cheese, pasta and meat products.

The benefits of this equipment are:

1. World Class Reliability
X-ray inspection systems ANRITSU over the years has evolved, and has been installed globally in the field of food and pharmaceutical industries. This history of reliability at the core of each design, with the support of preventive maintenance crews have.

2. Flexibility in the long term
X-rays ANRITSU which includes nearly every algorithm system may need to check your products. Many other features provide users with long-term, flexible solution for any new applications that may require X-ray examination.

3. Ease of use efficiency
Installation ANRITSU is successfully because it is designed to be easy to use and easy to understand.

4. Ease of Maintenance
Reliability in the design reduces the need for maintenance, but when needed, a full range of diagnostic systems, plug and play board design and ease the release of the tanker offers fast treatment and to minimize any downtime.


Food Inspection Equipment with X-Ray Inspection System HD has many types to ensure user gets maximum benefits. Using this, you will get precision engineering, highly sensitive XR75 series is the latest in advanced inspection and detection technology. It sets new standards to improve product quality and safety, which exceeds the urgent needs of the food industry today. In addition to the detection of pollutants, and can also identify a defective form of the safety of the product and packaging.


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