Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Features and Benefits of Wireless I/O Control System to flexible manufacturing and lean producers design in EMS Application

Wireless I/O Control System is important advanced technology in the last decade. It proved successful for the car manufacturers in Chakan, Pune, India as the leader in the SUV market manufacture modern building from the ground up Greenfield facility equipment with state-of-the-art. In the heart of the plant is Electrified Monorail System (EMS) carrier, which aims to provide means of transport is reliable, safe, quiet and efficient vehicles from other workstations along the assembly line.

Electrified Monorail System (EMS) carrier

EMS runs the length of the Trim, Chassis and final assembly (TCF) a row of cars in the shop by the General Assembly. Are transported are manufactured at this facility, light trucks by EMS wireless carrier. The TCF line of the final stage of production was added components in the car, including the element of Glass 'minimal' glass and chairs, as well as operational components such as engines and wheels prior to final inspection procedures.

Wireless I/O Control System Automation Control in The Electrified Monorail System Application

For consultation, the identification and planning of the project and manufacturers are working with the implementation Yantra. This is one of the largest distributors of automation Rockwell in India. The team worked together to develop the best overall solution to this evolving project.

The new Wireless I/O Control System and station Greenfield is not bound by associated with certain age monorail system found in the factory restrictions. Thus, it can be a sophisticated system that easily adapt to the purpose of the project and commitment to flexible manufacturing, lean producers design. This requires the following features:

1. To eliminate communication problems and worries associated with copper bus bar rigid brush mosque used to communicate with the operator EMS

2. To improve the reliability and uptime EMS system bus

3. To provide real-time communication with the programmable automation controller (PAC) and input / output (I / O) modules to control the carrier improved

PARI Wireless I/O Control System Application

PARI integration is an integrated company specializing in the design top to bottom of the transportation systems, robots, automation and control and communications sector for the automotive industry in India. PARI is set to design and implement a special assembly line.

PARI entire vehicle assembly line to work in the design of real-time network monitoring Ethernet / IP using some of the Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PAC, and support for peripheral devices on the shop floor, including Wireless I/O Control System and variable frequency drives. The decision to go with radio PROSOFT technology hotbed industrial equipment conducted mainly because of its industry and solid reputation to support Rockwell control interface seamless communications, as well as ease of operation.

Wireless I/O Control System Result in The EMS and PAC on the assembly factory floor operators

After some initial challenges with the problem of the line of sight to be solved by adding a radio Master another and raise their locations, the system is now able to provide real-time communication between EMS and PAC on the assembly factory floor operators. It is including in time real-I / O control of the situation the carrier movement. Wireless I/O Control System also allows wireless synchronization between the vehicle and the vehicle floor loft carrier EMS engine, decking machine run smoothly.


A flexible structure that allows independent operation for each car operator, Wireless I/O Control System enabling the operator to be programmed for different speeds based on its carrier. A process speed of the carrier easily switch zones, transit zones, area respectively, and the curve, the speed zone guide. That’s make Wireless I/O Control System is very usefull in the advance global technology era.
Source: http://www.rockwellautomation.com/


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