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The Advantages of Automation System to increase productivity and provide optimal cost of operation

There are many Advantages of Automation System that make it greatly enhance the competitiveness of the industry today. This systems are also having more high-quality products and the most reliable in demanding competitive prices. To overcome these challenges in the industry considered a variety of integrated product design and new manufacturing techniques in parallel with the use of automated devices.

Industrial Automation System

One of the remarkable step and influence to get a solution to the challenges mentioned above are industrial automation system. Industrial automation makes it easier to improve the product, reliability and production rates while reducing production costs and design through the adoption of new, innovative and integrated technologies and services quality.

What is The Industrial Automation?

Before we talk about the Advantages of Automation System, it is better if you understand what industrial automation itself is. Automate further mechanization step by using a specific mechanism machine helped human operators to perform tasks. Mechanization is the mission manual process using powered machines that rely on the decision-making rights.

In short, industrial automation can be defined as the use of a set of automatic control devices that generate automatic process control in industrial processes without achieving superior performance and significant human intervention compared with manual control. This automation devices are including PLC, PC, PAC, and others, and technology, including a variety of industrial communication systems.

What are the Advantages of Automation System?

There are many Advantages of Automation System, those are stated as follows:

1. To increase productivity
Factory automation or manufacturing or processing plant to increase production levels through better control of production. It helps to produce huge production by reducing the assembly time for each product with the largest production quality. Therefore, certain inputs of labor produce large amounts of output.

2. To provide optimal cost of operation
It will be reduced integration between the various processes in the industry with automated equipment, and reduce cycle time and effort, and thus the need for human labor. Therefore, investments in employee may have saved automation.

3. To improve the quality of products
Since automation reduces human intervention, it will also rule out the possibility of human error. You can maintain the consistency and quality of the product with greater compatibility with implementation through adaptive control of industrial processes at all stages of control from the very beginning of the product to the final product.

4. Reduction of routine inspections
Advantages of Automation System reduces the need to check the manual for the different parameters of the process. By taking advantage of automation technology, industrial processes and adjust the process variables set or desired values automatically using a closed-loop control techniques.

5. To improve safety levels
Industrial automation to improve safety levels for individuals to replace them with automated equipment in hazardous working conditions. Traditionally, the implementation of industrial robots and robotic devices is in places such as the seriousness of the threat.


Industrial automation replaced with computers and machines for the thinking man. It gives many Advantages of Automation System. This automation gives meaning to the derivation of the word "dictate self" or "the same step mechanism" from the Greek word for Matos cars and means alone in the mean while of Matos step. This can increase productivity and provide optimal cost of operation in all production process.


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