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AND Weighing, The Popular Brand Name of Precision Product that purposing to bring better measuring process for the industries

AND Weighing is the popular brand name of precision product which is everything for several industries. It was the soul of the production process. Without specific and precisely aspect the quality would go far away from the reality. Then due to the fact, industries was always looking for measuring device which can complete vary of measure process in a whole of industrial production process.

On the other hands, there lots of companies also that provide and offered industries with any measuring stuff, device or goods that purposing as the solution for that intention. Several and wide range, all was go in pursue for the perfection. One of bigger name born in San Jose, California which is recognized as one of world class measuring manufacture which create, design and bring the inovation called the AND Weighing.

AND Weighing
Image by A&D Weighing {link to http://www.andweighing.com/}

This companies has come widelly and separated with several product departement, such as; AND Medical, AND Weighing, also the AND Inspection. Every departement created and offered device for specific measuring proccess for any industrial intention. Here in this article we would go further more with AND Weighing products, some for acknowledgement, more to found the benefits.

Created Precision For Industries and Laboratories, AND Weighing Come With Great Features For User Benefits

As a company the AND Weighing come with ISO 9001 certified. It was the prove for the qualities that company could brought more than a word of mouth sales prescription. By that certified as prove, there are many high qualities product offered from the microbalance, laboratory moisture analyzers, also the viscometer for laboratory reserach. But what those things could do? Lets go further more with each of that product features.

1. AND Weighing Microbalance BM Series Features, The Precision Come In Single Device

    The qualities has been package with easy to operating device. That the BM Series would talking about. The meaning of precise measurement come in single device that completed with several features such as; data logger AD-1688 included, 1µg/0.001 mg readability, built with large weighing chamber, fanles ionizer standard built in, completed with adjusment response automaticly, self auto calibration, and ISO/GLP/GMP compliant.

2. ML/MF/MX/MS Moisture Analyser, Measuring Small Things With Easy and Precisely

    Build for give best results this AND weighing moisture analyser has been complete with several capabilities. From 5 measurement programs which include standard, quick, automatic, manual and based on timer, also the 4 heating modes (ramp, step, quick and standard) halogen lamp which can operated up to 200°C, the ISO/GMP/GCP/date and time module and the RS-232C Standard.

3. SV A and SV series AND Weighing Viscometer, The Long Waranty for Precise Result

    There are lot aspect which looking by the mesuring device market, the waranty of the product is one of it. And to aswer that market challenge, AND Weighing bring the Viscometer with several features such as; SV-1A/2 ml sample, SV-10A/100A or 10 ml sample, included with water jacket, as low as 0,3 cP measuring capibilities, also RS-232 Standard, all great feature was come with SV A Viscometer. On the other hands, the device brother of SV A called the SV Viscometer has been create and offered with feature, as well as the SV A. What kind of feature? It was the 0,3 cP measuring aspect, also the RS-232 Standard. More than that both of that AND Weighing Viscometer has complete with 2 year warranty.

As the answer for the industrial measuring challenge AND Weighing was try to serve and provide the world of industries, especially which proceed with any laboratory activities with several great models. Inovation and also the great feature was not a bonus, it was uncompromised aspect that shoud be present in every product.


AND Weighing is one of divison under the AND (A&D) Enginering which centered in San Jose, California. Other divisions was the AND Medical. Both of that AND division has been offered several high precisely, that purposing to bring better measuring process for the industries, or the specific operating service in laboratory and medical industrial market. As well as the healt care facilities around the world.


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