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Found The Best And Great Models For Any Purposes From Oriental Motor ; Product Features And Acknowledgement

Oriental Motor is one of better industrial process to serve and bring inovation for the industrial kindness. Many device, utilities or component has been offered to the industries by lot of of companies, every goods or stuff has been design special for right purposes.

There are many kinetic parts which design for the industrial purposes. In other way it called as the motor. A lot of manufacture that produce kind of that things, but one manufacture which recognized by the people in industries is come from oriental motor.

Found in Japan around 1885, this manufacture has been dedicated for the motion system and motion technologies around global market standard. With wide and dedicated sales market and many inovation and ideas which has been provide great issues on qualities, oriental motor has become one of market leader in industrial motion device technology developer. There are many device, but in this article we would focusing with three device of motion technologies ; servo motor, aslo the drivers and stepper motor product, and here are the summaries.

Oriental Motor
Image by Oriental Motor {link to}

Oriental Motor, Developing And Creating The Products For The Future

Laterally there are many companies which has been come to provide the industries with belonging device which purposes for industrial motion system and technologies. But oriental motor, since the early decades when this company offered the product until now on, has become one of remarkable named that known and used by the people widely. It’s not a question if the quality always come with statisfy. And here are some of the features summaries for the oriental motor flagship product.

1. Finest Device In Speed And Torque, Oriental Motor Servo Products Has Come As Global Standard

    The industries know that the servo motor, as latteraly known was kind of actuator, can be rotary or linear which purposes to control the linear or angular position, also acceleration and velocity. Oriental Motor has provide it too, and every device has designed and created with best capabilities that come up with great feature, for example the NX Series has completed with such of features; 1 HP/750 W or 1 1/15 HP/ 50 W servo motors, 5,500 r/minutes max speed capacities, Planetary or Round Shaft Gear Type, brake options in electrogmanetic system, 200-230 and or 100-115 single phase also 200-230 three phase VAC, also the the controller required. At the great side, this NX Series oriental motor servo product has been bundling with affordable price, around $932.45.

2. Work With Vary Of Angle, Oriental Motor Driver and Stepper Motor Come As Best Choice

    Great companies always come with great inovation, oriental motor did the same. For the Driver and Stepper motor, oriental motor also provide the market with high standard driver and stepper motor. For example, the Motor Only or Stepper Motor device that can be operated in various angle (1.8, 0.9°, also 0.36°and 0.72°). Completed the angle range this stepper motor was designed with great features such as ; framing sizes on 0.79 - 3.54 in or 20 - 90 mm, spur gears available with low or non backlas, new pentagon windings with unipolar or bipolar types, also available with electromagnetic brakes, as bundled on affordable price around $38.25.

As the leader of the motion sytem and industrial motion technologies, oriental motor always try to providing the industries with great standard. All aspect, from the great features, inovation on technologies and device capablities. As well as the affordable price.


Oriental Motor has laterally known as Japan Motion System tech corporates that born in 1885. It was the companies that start the global standard in industrial motion technologies. Widely motion system device has been produce such as; servo motor, Driver and Stepper Motor, also other product such as, the hollow rotary actuators. As the market leader oriental motor not only come and offered their product with great aspect on qualities also the affordable price effort.


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