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Omron Pressure Sensor Products Features and Implementation for several Industries

Omron Pressure Sensor Products has been using on a large scale in areas such as the automotive industry, manufacturing, aerospace, biomedical measurement, air conditioning, water measurements, and many others. For the automotive industry, pressure sensors are an integral part of the device and the safety part. In the device, this sensor monitors the oil pressure and coolant and set the power of the machine must be provided to achieve a speed that is compatible with every time you press on the gas pedal or applying the brakes of the vehicle.

Omron Pressure Sensor
Image by Omron {link to https://www.ia.omron.com/}

For security purposes, the pressure of Omron Pressure Sensor Products sensor is an important part of the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The system adjusts to the terrain and to ensure that in the case braking at high speed, tire and vehicle insurance did not slip. Pressure sensor in the details ABS processor to road conditions and the speed of the car is moving. Airbag system also uses a pressure sensor so that it can activate the bag to ensure the safety of passengers every time a high amount of pressure experienced by the car.

Omron Pressure Sensor Products implementation in several industries

Omron Pressure Sensor Product can also be used to monitor the gas partial pressure in the unit is very large industrial chemical reactions taking place in environmental conditions precisely controlled. In the oil industry, detailed with a depth sensor that amounted to an oil rig while exploring.

In the aircraft, this Omron Pressure Sensor Products is required to maintain a balance between the atmospheric pressure and control system in the air. This not only protects the various departments and internal components of the aircraft but also provide the right data to the system on the external environment. Also, a certain level of air pressure needs to be maintained in the cockpit and passenger building to provide a nominal ground, such as respiratory diseases.

Omron Pressure Sensor Features and Function of Products

A pressure sensor can measure the pressure changes to confirm the suction, check the installation, the pressure source management, and test for leaks. Flow differential pressure sensor is also available. Pressure sensor is a device that is equipped with a sensor element to pressure. It measures the pressure of the gas or liquid to the diaphragm is made of stainless steel, silicon, etc., and change the measured values into electrical signals as output.

There is only one pressure sensor product in the OMRON that is E8F2 Digital Pressure Sensor. This will pressure with easy to read LED display sensor.
There are some features of this product, those are:

1. You can check the pressure of the situation at a glance on the screen and digital display bar.

2. Measuring pressure to prevent error output as a result of changes in the pressure of the moment.

3. Automatic performance of all taught by teaching the values of the pressure of the product of good and evil.

4. Model of the industries smallest in just 28 × 28 × 29 mm.


Omron Pressure Sensor Products has been using on a large scale in areas. To support its function, this pressure sensor completed with specific product and features. Users can use one of them based on their need and set up of control automatic plant they want to run.


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