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Product Features of Panasonic Pressure Sensor (Dual Display Digital [For Gas] DP-100 Ver.2) to increase visibility in a new digital display

Dual Display Digital Panasonic Pressure Sensor [For Gas] DP-100 Ver.2 has 3 dual-color displays that make the process easier. This sensor has the supreme clarity to increase visibility in a new digital display. Improvements in digital display provide a wide viewing angle along with increasing clarity. It also increased the pressure display and adjusts the different pressures.

panasonic pressure sensor

Panasonic Pressure Sensor enable to reduce environmental impact

Panasonic Pressure Sensor reduces energy consumption is less 14% (during normal operation). Thanks to the re-design of the circuit that was reduced energy consumption of low power consumption of the DP-100 series during normal operation by 14%. The screen is fully run through the ECO / full mode of operation to save energy up to 50% compared with normal operation. The screen brightness lowered through ECO / STD mode process to save energy up to 30% compared with normal operation.

To support this function, Panasonic Pressure Sensor has features as below:

• Panasonic Pressure Sensor has Long-distance transmission of analog output to new multi-function models. Users can now choose the output voltage or current output as analog output according to the application.

• Add reverse polarity protection circuit to output the new transistor circuits. It is to prevent the damage caused by the wiring.

The dual display of Panasonic Pressure Sensor allows direct preparation of the threshold value

Panasonic Pressure Sensor is equipped with a 30 mm 1.181 in dual display compact-sized box. You can check the current value of the threshold value at the same time, so you can set the threshold value and examination smoothly without switching to another screen mode. Continue ON / OFF operation while the threshold value is set, so that the same sensitivity control of the sensor type possible disk mode. It is also equipped with a lock function key.

Look at this supporting features as below:

• This product displays three colors (red, green, orange)
Home screen color change with the change of the output status ON / OFF operation, and also changes color when the setting is in progress. Put the sensor so that it can be easily understood, and can reduce operating errors.

• Copy Function to reduce working hours and human error
Sensor can be connected to the main sensor and one after the other. This is also can be connected to a copy of the details of the arrangements for the master sensor can be transmitted from sensors and other data. If making the same settings for multiple sensors, this prevents setup errors among other sensors. In addition to that, when you are changing the design of the engine, there will be a slight change in work orders. You can copy the details of the settings.
panasonic pressure sensor Copy function
Image by panasonic {link to}

Panasonic Pressure Sensor has default settings that can be used directly

Panasonic Pressure Sensor is easy to use default settings that are provided for applications that are often used by the pressure sensor. The setup for this type of low pressure is ideal for confirmation suction applications. The people for this kind of high pressure which is ideal for checking default pressure signal.


Panasonic Pressure Sensor has features and benefits to increase visibility in a new digital display. User can get high pressure which is ideal for checking default pressure signal based on that features and increasing the pressure display and adjusts the different pressures.


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