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Specification and Benefits of Omron Ultrasonic-Sensors Products to determine the presence of an object, or to measure the distance to an object

Omron Ultrasonic-Sensors Products are parts of OMRON policies applied its core competencies in remote sensing and control through a variety of processes on a global scale. OMRON IA Company follows the theory and principles of the company to help our customers achieve innovation in the art of making things in the field of industrial automation.

Omron Ultrasonic Sensors

According to their approach to the art of making things, OMRON IA provides Omron Ultrasonic-Sensors Products based on what is needed, when needed, only in the quantities needed. They have implemented a variety of innovative production that allows them to respond customers' needs through a lot of small production models. Omron offers Omron Ultrasonic-Sensors product for you.

Omron Ultrasonic-Sensors Products use the resulting information to determine the presence of an object

The Omron Ultrasonic-Sensors Products reflects (distance adjustable or convergent reflective sensor develop area) ultrasonic transfer from the emitter to the subject of remote sensing, and then gets to detect the reflected wave. These sensors use the resulting information to determine the presence of an object, or to measure the distance to an object. Type sensor determines the distance from the sensor to the object based on the time it takes from when it is sent to ultrasound until receiving using the speed of sound.

Unlike photoelectric sensors, Omron Ultrasonic-Sensors Products can do object detection without being influenced by its color. For example, if two objects have the same shape, even if one transparent, like glass, and the other is black plastic, they can both be detected with the same settings. Ultrasonic sensors will detect the reflection of a much wider area of the photoelectric sensors, so that they can examine a large area all at the same time. Because ultrasound sensors sensing detect objects without touching them, they do not scratch the sensor objects.

Products and Specification of Omron Ultrasonic Sensors

The use of Omron Ultrasonic-Sensors Products is enable the detection of stable transparent objects, such as transparent films, bottles, plastic bottles, and glass plates, using a beam through sensors or reflective.

There are two types of ultrasonic sensors products, those are:

1. E4C-UDA Digital Amplifier Ultrasonic Sensor with an easy setup
This offers compact, cylindrical reflective ultrasonic sensor with an easy setup. The features are:

a. Stable operation for a variety of objects without color, transparency, or material (metal or non-metal).

b. M18 compact cylinder size.

c. Range products including the side view of the heads.

d. Check object sensing and remote sensing in the position (ie threshold) on the digital display.

2. E4E2 Compact Ultrasonic Sensor with many banefits
This is compact and, ultrasonic sensor through packets. You can get some advantages of this product.

The features of this product are:

a. Provide stable detection of transparent film and transparent bottles, bottles, and other similar jobs.

b. Compact design with built-in amplifier allows easy installation on a small conveyor line.

c. Detection of 500 mm away.

d. Equipped with a stability indicator.


Omron Ultrasonic-Sensors products has many benefits and consists of seceral types to support all of user needs to determine the presence of an object, or to measure the distance to an object. It's easy to make the presence of the work piece / absence and the elimination of the effect of the background by using teaching arrangements and completed with amplifier including models with analog output.


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