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Product and Specification of Omron Liquid-Leakage-Sensors that have ability to detect fluid leaks in the factory floor and the ceiling

Omron Liquid-Leakage-Sensor products will detect contact sensor objects by contacting their media that reveal fluid leaks physically. There are some Omron Liquid-Leakage-Sensor products that user can choose to support their automation's needs. Here are some of products you can choose from:

Liquid Leakage Sensor to support production of semiconductor equipment and also clean rooms

This kind of Omron Liquid-Leakage-Sensor products is resistant to high temperatures. It can be used widely in the production of semiconductor equipment and also clean rooms. There are various sensors range such as point sensors, liquid leak sensing band and sensor chemical resistance. You can find at least four Omron Liquid-Leakage-Sensor products from the liquid leakage sensor, some of them are:

Omron Liquid Leakage Sensor

a. Omron Liquid-Leakage-Sensor products K7L-U * / UD *

This is the smaller size of the industry and the longer the ideal cable's ability to detect fluid leaks in the factory floor and the ceiling. It can achieve total distance of 400 m of cable and the sensor for the band to limit the damage leak. A total distance of 400 m of cable and sensing distance band extends a telegram about 7 times compared with previous models.

This Omron Liquid-Leakage-Sensor products K7L-U offers detection of broken wires along the road from the main unit to the end of the band sensor. This increases the reliability of the wire remote applications. Size is very compact, with a width of only 16 mm, which helps to provide the size of the panel when installing multiple units together. The noise cancellation circuit using three-conductor cable allows stable detection of leaking fluid with excellent noise resistance.

b. Omron Liquid-Leakage-Sensor products K7L-AT50 * / * AT50D

Sensing band boasts a high level of chemical resistant.K7L can be used in various applications, from plant to produce semiconductors for food processing equipment. It offers stable fluid detection with resistance up to 50 MQ normal and water. Four sensing ranges are available that will ensure the disclosure suit the application. Liquid leaked to drain pans can be detected to prevent damage to the machine and clean the breaches of the chips.

Omron Liquid-Leakage Contact sensor suitable to be installed on the doors and windows or drawers around the house

Omron Liquid-Leakage Contact sensor system tells you if something is open or closed. Usually it is installed on the doors and windows or drawers around the house. They have two parts: one mounted on the door itself. Others mounted next to the window. When the door is opened and the transfer of the pieces separately, sensor signal is 'open' system safety.

In an Omron Liquid-Leakage Contact sensor traditional security system, the role of the contact sensor is to trigger the alarm. If the security system and armed sensor and one on the 'Open', a reference window or door alarm signaling system that does not disarm.

Now you can find Omron contact sensor easily. This product is durable product which is tough under vibration and shock. This product offers Ball Spline Mechanism. Ball mechanism can be used to control the ball in the groove. This is known helps to prevent the ball from damaging the internal parts. Compared with the previous method, this product can increase the load and sliding process in very smooth manner. The stable operation is achieved for the long term by this product.


Omron Liquid-Leakage-Sensor product aims early in this system which combines multiple sensing technologies that have ability to detect fluid leaks in the factory floor and the ceiling. It can detect reliably assess the risk of deformities and abnormalities before they occur. OMRON purpose is to be the first to create a health system on the plane, able to prevent accidents caused by relatable factors on the driver, and contribute to building a society safe and comfortable engine's health.


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