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Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor for [gas] DP-0, a device that converts pressure into electrical analog depend on the pressure applied size signal

Panasonic offers Digital pressure sensor for [gas] DP- is simple and easy pressure sensor to be used and operated. This sensor completed with two levels of control to facilitate the development of important functions process. Put "the RUN" is to determine the threshold value, and adjust the zero point, adjust the adjustable lock / release switch, and "detailed setting mode" allows the basic settings for the operation of the sensor. Two levels of status enable the configuration settings are easy to use and messaging product.

Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor

The features of this Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor product are mentioned bellow:

1. Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor with functional design

It uses black body to increase the visibility of LCD screen. Unit body is completely black to make the LCD screen easy to view them. Buttons provide a constant clicking and crispy taste of the mode of operation is smooth and reliable.

2. Panasonic offers Digital pressure sensor completed with LCD screen High Quality

- Showing -Simple very clear
LCD offers a wide viewing angle so that the display is easy to see even from oblique angle. Alphanumeric display (display 12 pieces), and key lock pins and more pins MORE oversupply recognition.

- Selection of display color from red or white
Display can choose the color of red or white, according to the production process. Since detailed screen mode pink settings (no change), and put the pressure sensor can be recognized easily by color.

Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor with Compact and light weight design

Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor offers short additional depth and light. Only the unity of the body measures 24.9 mm 0.980 in depth to allow for installation in tight spaces. The main unit weighs only 25 grams. Unit lightweight mean minimum load when mounted on a moving part, such as a robotic arm.

Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor with low pressure and high pressure type is available. There are two types to choose from, according to the application. Low kind of pressure can be used with positive pressure or negative, while the height of the type suitable for positive pressure, pressure up to 1 MPa.

Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor equipped with three modes of production for use in various applications

Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor has Three Output mode. It is equipped with three modes of production for use in various applications:

a. An easy way
This mode is used to monitor the production ratio of ON / OFF.

b. Develop Hysteresis
This mode is used to adjust the output slowdown compared to the required implementation and ON / OFF control level.

Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor was designed for easy installation with specification as below:

- As tight as possible installation
Exclusive mounting bracket is suitable for 1-3 mm in thickness from 0.039 to 0.118 and panels are available.

- Supports strict installation
It can also be savings in space realized even when using the mounting bracket in the form of the letter L.

- Cable can be connected with one touch
Cable connector attachment (14:00 6562 feet), and the extension, it can be easily connected with the One-Touch.

- Wireless install type connector is also available [DP-00 □ -J]
Commercially available connectors can be used for cable connections. The required length of cable can be used, so this contributes to the reduction of waste from unwanted cables.


Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor has known as a device that senses the pressure and converts them into electrical analog that depend on the pressure applied size signal. This is because they convert pressure into electrical signals, and it is also referred to as the pressure transducer. That’s all the review about Panasonic Digital Pressure Sensor for [gas] DP-0. We hope you get useful information.


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