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Product Types and Features of Omron Measurement-Sensors to support accuracy achieves the longest-in-class remote sensing

Omron Measurement-Sensor is a sensor that has function to detect objects and measure the width, thickness, and other dimensions. There are many types to detect this object, one of them is also available with CCD methods or laser scanning to match the applications and resolution requirements of various models.

Omron Measurement-Sensors Products for many application

There are two Omron Measurement-Sensors products, those are:

ZX-GT Smart Sensor (Wide Laser Beam CCD Measurement Sensor) for the longest-in-class remote sensing

This Omron Measurement-Sensors products has accuracy achieves the longest-in-class remote sensing. There are some features of this product:

Omron Measurement Sensor ZX-GT Smart Sensor

a. Omron Measurement-Sensors products New standards for measuring the dimensions
The usual restrictions, such as "the measurement area is limited to the center" or "a big mistake because the situation", which was experienced by the laser sensors measure now been fixed. Measurements can be taken down in the area of 500 mm, any stage of work on or in any way you entered. Now it can be set in position without the intervention of the Labour taste and without size limitation of the work area.

b. Omron Measurement-Sensors products 10-m with a non-contact method
ZX-GT is the only sensor with the ability to measure and discuss the position with an accuracy of 22:00 without contact. Unlike traditional laser sensor through the beams, a unique algorithm ZX-GT has the flexibility to meet a wide range of applications. This is including the ability to accurately measure glass and mirror surfaces.

c. Omron Measurement-Sensors products 1/7 speed compared with conventional products
With triple OMRONS unique (three parallel processing) algorithms, it is possible to take the high speed of 2000 samples per second 0.7 times larger than before, greatly reducing the time wisely.

d. Omron Measurement-Sensors products Pressure such as palm top
Control a continuation of the ZX series is the smallest in its class. Along with the sensor head compact, ideal for integration into a wide range of equipment.

e. Omron Measurement-Sensors products Strong temperature compensation
It is important to eliminate the effect of temperature measurements to ensure accuracy. However, the temperature in the environment changes with time and the seasons.

ZX-L-N Smart Sensors (Laser Displacement & Measurement Sensors)

This Omron Measurement-Sensors product is intelligent group and function in the body type of agreement with the full range of laser. The features of this product are:

Omron Measurement Sensor ZX-L-N Smart Sensor

a. Small and lightweight
Roughly the same size photoelectric sensors, sensor ZX contribute compact enough to efforts to save space in the production sites. Of course, the speed of response is also equivalent to the photoelectric sensor. Taking high-speed: 0.15 ms sampling (Response time: 0.3 ms) speed

b. The direction of a flexible installation
Installing side-view attachment (sold separately) for the installation of additional possibilities. Its top priority put on an easy process

c. Advanced performance and functionality as well as ease of operation.
This is a key feature of the ZX series. Work experience does not get any easier.

d. The whole process functions
Develop processes without the need for numeric counters simply by installing a calculation unit between two of the amplifier. The two sensor processing results can be displayed on the amplifier one. Parameter settings you need one to enter only the amplifier.


Omron Measurement-Sensor is a sensor that has function to detect objects and measure the width, thickness, and other dimensions. It has flexibility to meet a wide range of applications has accuracy achieves the longest-in-class remote sensing. There are two types user can chose to get maximum results based on user needs.


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