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Flow Meter of Sage Metering, an Inovatif Product to measure Gas Flow

Flow Meter of Sage Metering is a product offered by manufacturer with innovative high-performance natural gas flow meters and thermal mass flow meters to measure gas flow. This company has brought to market the first thermal mass flow meter that uses a graphical display, driven by digital circuit and mixed the first system at the site to check the calibration in the industry.

Sage Metering provides a high contrast graphical display Flow Meter of Sage Metering to check flow rate, temperature, total flow, charts, and diagnostic information. Advances in circuit design enhances stability by eliminating the shift in the long term and provide reproduced zero flow point data. Data streams flow repeated scratch allows the user to perform a simple check calibration and one point in the normal procedures.

Flow Meter

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Flow Meter of Sage Metering Product and Features

The flow meter is a device used to measure the flow or quantity of gas or liquid rate is moving through the pipeline. Flow measurement application is very diverse. Each case has its own restrictions and requirements engineering. You need to choose the right technology for your application needs to write specifications that include the use of flow measurement devices. Here are two flow meter products of Sage Metering you can choose from:

1. Flow Meter of Sage Metering of Sage Prime : Prime Minister mass flow meter

This is the most popular thermal gas mass flow meters favored by the industry to the environment and commercial customers for many applications of the gas flow. This is packaged in a strong, but lightweight, dual side NEMA 4 enclosure. This offers separated access to the rear compartment by large, well marked station provides easy cable subscribers.

2. Flow Meter of Sage Metering of Sage Rio

This kind of Flow Meter of Sage Metering of flow meter provides the same level of performance found in the mass popularity of sage. This offers added premium hazardous area approvals including the first section category 1 group B, C, D and ATEX Zone 1 approvals flameproof. It provides isolated 4-20 mA output and pulsed along with compatible with RS485 Modbus or contact Hart.

Air Flow Meter of Sage Metering for Flow Ventilation

The first step in the exchange of raw sewage solution happens in the aeration tank. Aeration blower is used to inject air through the head at the bottom of the tub. The amount of air injected through access to the required level of dissolved oxygen. This is determined by the meter dissolved oxygen (DO meters). It is using signals from the Flow Meter of Sage Metering of air flow meter as trim in the control circuit.

A typical mill will have a certain flow to the joint head bellows then flow into several aeration basins. Each basin may be several supply air-to-head in the bottom of the aeration basin lines. This can also be used to measure the heat flux flow rate for each basin scale to ensure even distribution of air flow. In some cases, the flow in every drop to be publishers measure, which ensures the same amount of air delivered to the basin. This will also verify that the air is distributed evenly throughout the watershed.


The Flow Meter of Sage Metering sometimes is called by many names, such as flow indicators, measuring devices stream, measure the liquid, and many others. Those names are depending on the specific industry. However the function of flow meters it is still the same as innovative product to reach high performance of natural gas flow meters and providing thermal mass flow meters device to measure gas flow.


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