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Identification Systems of PEPPERL + Fuchs allow more effective capture of information in terms of cost of productions and logistics

With many years of experience in the technology industry and factory automation sensors, PEPPERL + Fuchs offer the best identification systems. Identification of PEPPERL + Fuchs systems will allow more effective capture of information in terms of cost of productions and logistics, as well as improve the quality of information. You will always be up to date on the entire inventory, and will benefit from a comprehensive track and trace features.

Identification Systems
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In addition, using Identification of PEPPERL + Fuchs systems, you can improve unit material flow control. This is because you have a rigorous process data. You can continue to improve the process, set new standards in terms of delivery and inventory management.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) of Identification Systems

Products from PEPPERL + Fuchs Identification Systems enable you to use inductive RFID system with 125 kHz (LF) and 13.56 MHz (HF) from close range. RFID radio system is available in the 865 MHz to 926 MHz (UHF) a larger group. This system has a wide range of domains, and data transfer speed, and design, allowing you to implement your requirements necessary.

RFID Identification Systems readers create an energy field that activates the mark. RFID is the most common sign of a negative, which makes them largely maintenance-free. Depending on the type of RFID cards, a lot of information on different products can be stored on the mark. Private interface allows connection of RFID system with PLC or other IT systems.

RFID Identification Systems is the technology that uses radio waves to automatically identify objects or people. Typically, serial numbers and / or information concerning objects and other items are stored on an electronic chip minutes. Full slide to an antenna allows the chip to transfer necessary to define the machine readable information. Combining the antenna and chip called "RFID card" or "the transponder RFID".

Determine the visual by Identification Systems

The information object supported by digital technology to visualize data sent by the barcode and data matrix system. This methods is an effective way to reduce in terms of cost of RFID technology. You can find a wide range of code reading 1-D and D-2. The system is designed for applications such as drying systems and painting lines. IDENT high temperature OIT system is assessed using a metal plate with a whole patterns code using imaging technology industry.

Systems of visual identification from PEPPERL + Fuchs make an important contribution to the main criterion in automation technology. This offers maximum process reliability and plant availability. Do not discuss the production or logistics, and can determine the optical system quickly adapt to any application environment and ensure reliable performance even in critical condition.


Visual identification of PEPPERL + Fuchs consists of a wide range of fixed and mobile readers. Not only our reader supports all common symbols 1-D and 2 D, but they also offer a best solution to the problem of high-speed or high temperature applications. The driver of vision specification will allow you to configure many of the parameters a single mouse click. In this way, you can improve your visual define your own settings quickly.


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